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Class no Daikirai na Joshi to Kekkonsuru Koto ni Natta.
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Oct 25, 2022

Leaving all the comical moments aside this series manages to stir my heart every time I read it. The manga manages in the beginning to convey really well how the male lead Saito is annoyed by his female classmate Akane and vice versa. He is typical guy, who wants to have his peace of mind and does things with the least effort. He isn’t the most popular guy ever, but he is the top student, because of his excellent memory. This irritates the girl Akane, because she is very serious and hardworking. She feels frustrated by the fact how carefree Saito seems to be in contrast to her continuous effort just to end up one step behind him. Their relationship takes different direction after their grandparents foist upon them arranged marriage with each other.

I like how the story show importance of communication, compromise and effort to understand each other to build functional relationship. They have to realize differences in their perception of things, because of different upbringing. It does have the twist of throwing the main couple just to live together immediately.

Visually the manga goes for typical, but solid romcom school style. The art quickly switches from comical to serious. Facial expressions are good. Some panels are rich with visual images of inner thoughts. The story switches between viewpoints mostly between the main characters. The level of detail is good enough. The series isn’t focused on erotic elements, but it has typical scenes with some erotic tension between characters and censored nudity.

This is really enjoyable romantic comedy so far. It isn’t original nor surprising, but it does the tropes well. I like the characters, even if the main characters are still somewhat in denial phase concerning their feelings.

Japanese difficulty 4/10 (see my profile for details about various difficulty scores)

This series does have furigana. The text volume is just average level. It’s on the average shounen range of vocabulary.

This review is written after reading 2 volumes (all existing at the time).

7/10 story
7/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Feb 26, 2022

Better than reading rental girlfriend, has pretty wholesome moments.

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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