City of Dead Sorcerer

Alt title: Jugeun Mabeopsaui Dosi

Ch: 236
2011 - 2016
3.523 out of 5 from 412 votes
Rank #19,940
City of Dead Sorcerer

The year is 2014, a new substance, SDE01, commonly referred to as "Mana" is discovered by a group of Russian scientists. The world plunges into a development race to find uses of this new seemingly unlimited source of energy that cannot be seen or felt. 16 years after the discovery, it's now the self-proclaimed Age of Magic, where you can download an App to your very phone and cast magic. However, heavy restrictions have been imposed over the available spells, and the required paperwork to even use a high level spell are astronomic. Among the citizens of this new world, a red robed mysterious man seems capable of wielding extremely powerful magic in a way that should not be possible. It's unknown what his aim is or what he wants to accomplish. All that's known about this mysterious person is that he has been using forbidden level spells to kill evil-doers throughout the city. But detective Kim is in charge of catching this murderer/hero. And he doesn't plan on giving up.

Source: MU

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As on many other sites people keep saying that Crimson Robe is the main protagonist no he is the main focus for the first 2-3 chapters(0-2) the rest is about the true main man; Kim Hyun-Uk, the detective. "I've read 114 episodes and the main character CR is not very interesting," sure buddy calm your tits and actually read the manhwa, you'll see the transition if you don't roll your eyes so much. I hate to make this a rage review but it may seem like that, my apologies. A lot of people have this recommended if you like Death Note this is similar but it's nothing like it at all. Anyway, this is a really good manga with an interesting story and pretty cool characters the art style really isn't "normal" but it's not a main focus of the series and it does do what the best mangas do with the stupid weird distorted faces to break the tension, the best and elicit many chuckles. I don't want to fill this review with a synopsis of the series, but a review Read: yes, Multi-read: yes you might pick up something you missed the first time. It's an overall meh, but a good meh. ~SPOILERS~ Another intrepid reviewer stated, "having brutally murdered the young man he thought was responsible for the schoolgirl's suicide before realizing that the video that supposedly drove her to kill herself had never been spread after all", no the video was released, not by the young man who was physically beating his girlfriend and also secretly made the film of them having sex and blackmailed her, but by another older man who found the MP6? and released it, which drove her to commit suicide.

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