Cigarette Anthology

Vol: 2; Ch: 11
2012 - 2013
3.269 out of 5 from 66 votes
Rank #34,071
Cigarette Anthology

An anthology of an adult puffing at blue smoke quietly.

Source: MU

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Overall: Most of the chapters only have passing references to smoking, though there are a few (ch. 5,7,9) where cigarettes do play a pivotal role even though the plot itself is based around something else. And only the first two chapters have plotlines which are actually centered around cigarettes. Interestingly, there are also two plotlines which involve incestuous leanings between an uncle and a niece (which seems like an odd coincidence) and two chapters which involve massacres (which honestly feels like a more understandable coincidence than the uncle one). Most of the artwork is excellent and I appreciated the broad diversity of styles that this type of anthology can provide. Chapters: 1 [8/10]: The last survivor in a drifting spaceship decides to go through a lengthy procedure to artificially grow tobacco and roll feir own cigarettes. 2 [8/10]: In a world where cigarettes cost as much as a month's living expenses, there is a cigarette artisan who hates cigarettes. 3 [4/10]: An uncle visits for New Year's Eve from feir world travels. 4 [7/10]: A guy falls in love with a girl despite feir cold, uninterested demeanor. 5 [5/10]: A handyman with an alter ego named Cigarman helps a girl out with the yakuza. 6 [6/10]: There are two immortals who had bonded on battlefields. 7 [8/10]: A sniper is hired to kill the boss of a drug cartel during a desert meet. 8 [2/10]: Lesbian sex and psychedelic record-listening. 9 [7/10]: The niece of a pedophilic, semi-delusional uncle finds some magical cigarettes. 10 [4/10]: The guitarist in a poor band is aggressively quirky. 11 [1/10]: Riding a moped, a girl delivers lunch boxes to blue collar workers.

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