Vol: 7; Ch: 48
2007 - 2011
3.519 out of 5 from 71 votes
Rank #9,125

While Nayu Hayama may be a middle school student, she has the fashion sense of an adult – at least, when it comes to lingerie. Unlike her other classmates, Nayu is an underwear fanatic and is highly knowledgeable about a girl’s changing body, the right fit for a bra and a variety of materials like lace and beads. Alongside her new friends the busty Haruka and flat-chested Yako, Nayu will spread her love of panties and even help form a club dedicated to researching ladies’ delicates!

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RoseCandle13's avatar
RoseCandle13 Dec 27, 2018
Score 9/10

This manga for me was more educational for me more than echii because I'm a teen and it taught me about proper underwear and how to tell if you need a new  size. Story-  The manga was basically about puberty and growing up and adolescence and how you develop different feelings and moving on with life and change. It's a good story for teens who are dealing with these changes in real life and can be... read more

Seijurou's avatar
Seijurou Nov 13, 2011
Score 6/10

All right, I will be blunt about this. Chu-Bra!! is a boring title. It is like a kids' slice-of-life with a little ecchi. Oh, and unfunny 'comedy.' There is nothing really mature here, not story- or risque-wise. Yes, do not compare it to the brilliant Kodomo no Jikan. What we have here is a girl who has just become a middle-schooler, in class 1-A, and it turns out she is obsessed with... read more

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