Christmas Miracles

Alt title: Christmas-e Gijeogi Saenggil Hwangnyul

Ch: 95
2017 - 2020
3.739 out of 5 from 56 votes
Rank #15,604
Christmas Miracles

Kwon Nameun, a young script writer, recently finds herself caught in a career turn as well as romantic dilemma. As she reencounters her high school crush who mercilessly dumped her seven years ago, how is she supposed to face this adonis of an actor for whom she once set on the path of writing? She has to prove that she already let go. Luckily, she meets another cute, sweet and handsome singer, who offers her lunch-break jokes, late-night chats, and perhaps… a perfect reason… to let go. Is this fair? Can she really let go?

Source: MangaToon

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