Vol: 8; Ch: 87
2000 - 2002
3.968 out of 5 from 3,813 votes
Rank #4,859

Nineteen-year-old ronin Hideki Motosuwa desires two things more than anything else: a girlfriend, and an expensive humanoid computer (known as a 'persocom'). But with his dead-end job and no financial aid from his parents, owning a persocom seems impossible... until he finds a blond-haired female persocom tied up amongst a pile of trash! After getting her home and figuring out how to activate her, even the computer-illiterate Hideki realizes there is something unusual when it appears she can only say one word - Chii. Is she just broken, or is there more to this persocom than her behavior lets on?

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Story: The story is about a world which has computers in shape of humans. Here we are introduced to a college student who can't afford to get a persocom and is "Computer Illiterate". One day he finds a persocom on a pile of trash and decides to take it home. Opinion(s): To give a general view of the whole story, it's about love. Not much I can say about that now can I? Anyhow, the story is about finding love and being accepted regardless of who, or what, you are. It's a Fairy Tale/Happily ever after sort of deals. Art: Better than anything I could draw free hand. Characters: There are only two characters that just was dropped into the story and they would be the Government persocoms. They didn't really add much to the story besides, "Who are they?", but eventually my comments changed to, "Eh, really them again.". They do appear a few times and at the climax, and serve some purpose to said climax, but before the end they're just sleeping or the dude gets yelled at. One character I like, and it's not just because she's named after food, is Plum. Plum is comic relief and does have these moments more often than the rest of the characters. She is useful but she wouldn't be the same without her expressions. I could go on about Chi's sister, the creator of Chi and the rest of the persocoms, and even the word Chobits, but I'm not one to write spoilers, say them out loud is another issue all together. Overall: If your looking for a manga with a happy ending, love/romance, or even a children's book, which is in the plot itself, that is deep then read this. Only 88 chapters. - JC


I do have to say, the manga is way better then the anime. Where as the anime was pretty much highly fan based, the manga wasn’t. We get much more in depth to the story instead of playing around with random side stories and the ---ugggg--- panty storyline. Sure we have the little bits of fan service but at least they are done artistically and mostly add to the story, it isn’t outside the storyline they are going through and isn’t for a stupid side story such as the panties thing.  There isn’t much else to talk about on the storyline sadly without spoiling anything except that the build up is much better in the manga. So everywhere I looked online said that Chobits was a Seinen. For those of you that have no clue what that means, it means that this manga was targeted to 18-30 year old males… ya… I don’t get it either. I know that the manga has some rather perverted moments, and naked women but I feel that this was completely miss written. The storyline is much too sweet and gentle to be for a male audience, and I’m talking about this compared to other Seinen mangas. This story is all about finding your true love, finding the person you are destined to be with, and above all, letting no one else take what is precious to you. Normally, the precious thing they would talk about would be more along the lines of ‘virginity’ in a sense for the female android character. Unless it’s an anti-rape story for males, I see no reason for it to be written for a male audience. That’s my thought on the matter but I could be wrong. The artwork is beautiful for a shojo-style manga. I know that it’s a Seinen but seriously, the art style says shojo. Almost everything is really well detailed down to the clumps in chi’s hair and her Lolita clothing. Sadly, it makes many of the other areas that aren’t well detailed feel as though they were done in a rush or without as much love to the characters. While there is a lot of fan service in the women, the art feels a bit more modest and artistic then the stuff you would see in the anime. They did a lot of shading in those parts or had a reason behind the design of the characters and the sexual nature of them. What bothered me slightly was the large ‘ears’ that most of the persocoms had that made them look a bit like furies. I don’t know why, I just had a little bit of a problem with them though they did not mess with the story.

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