Vol: 2; Ch: 13
2017 - 2019
3.189 out of 5 from 410 votes
Rank #35,858

Tohru Igarashi, a college student, took a 6-month part-time job in a child care facility located deep within the mountains to take care of children for 3 million yen. However, in this remote area, sin runs deep in the work to be done.

Source: MU

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ok so i'm a fan of disturbing stuff, psychological or gorey, i do have my limits but i'd say i have a tolerance. this reaad was... interesting? i was genuinley disturbed by certain scenes but i guess it was more shock at what i was seeing in context of the story. anyway this seemed like a short read and i thought the premise looked interesting. i was wrong, but also not? the premise iis certainly interesting, but i would'nt say it was good. everything felt like it was only there for shcok value and the plot twists just kept coming, it ended up convuluted for such a short story.  i only reccomend this if you're really into gore and general disturbing content and you've run out of things to read. theres better stuff out there. this concludes my spoiler free review, the rest will go more in detail of the content. - yet again, spoiler warning  - yet again, im a gore fan and im not exactly opposed to gore just being used for shcok but i just wasn't a fan of it in this story, if you're using shock value at least do something interesting with it. the times where i was disturbed it was with the scenes with mirai. she was one of the only characters i liked i thought it was going to go in the direction where she escapes with the main guy. but then she gets DECAPITATED. like i was disturbed because y'know she's 4 but it was mainly... exasperation? however the scene where they stripped her corpse and dismembered her did get me.  something thats still bothering me is who asked him to go there? is his real mum even alive? we know he lives with his dad and he said it was his mother that told him about the job but then its revealed that like it was the curse that brought him there? was he subconciously lying? was it the spirit of the lady he killed? maybe it was explained and it went over my head, by that point i was just kind of in awe at the plot twists.  also why was that one delivery guy so ok with murdering these kids? not the one who was at the original daycare but the other delivery dude who was friends with the kids. i know the villagers see that place as evil and that the kids are murderers but he seemed to care about some of them and then boom he massacres them? 

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