Chikyuu no Kaijuu

Alt title: Monster of Earth

One Shot
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Chikyuu no Kaijuu

A father and son possess the power to turn into a giant at will. They have the responsibility of protecting Earth from attacking space monsters.

Source: MU

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3 wrap it up in some way. The wrap-up is possibly the most critical part of a story. A good story can be ruined with an ill-planned conclusion. And a bad story...can maintain its level of badness if it has a solid ending. The ending for Chiikyuu no Kaijuu (aka Monster of Earth) is maybe middle of the road. It’s kinda corny, kinda funny, and flows naturally from the preceding story arc fairly well. The heroic lighting shining down on Daichi while fe stands on top of the massive devastation fe caused is somewhat ironic and funny, especially considering that Daichi is asking people to “watch me fight with a smile as well.” The fact that Daichi seems to have learned a lesson and grown as a person is probably what makes it come across as a bit corny, though perhaps it’s just the general tone. The preceding plotline is about how Daichi is ashamed of feir father’s goofy and somewhat incompetent fighting style, so fe tries fighting a monster and ends up damaging the surrounding buildings far more than necessary. In one sense, it’s somewhat easier for oneshots to wrap-up because they have it built in to their initial narrative structure and they don’t have time to veer off-course or whatever like longer series can do. There are what look like either photographs or 3-D images mixed in to the artwork--the planet earth, the brick post outside of the school, the fencing, the trees, and some of the buildings. I don’t like when this type of stuff is mixed into drawn artwork. Most of the artwork is done by the Eyeshield 21 guy, but Ishi is drawn by another artist. And the difference in style is apparent once you know to look out for it. Notice how Ishi’s...

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