Chibi Vampire

Alt title: Karin

Vol: 14; Ch: 58
2003 - 2008
4.093 out of 5 from 2,474 votes
Rank #2,775
Chibi Vampire

To outsiders Karin appears to be a normal, cheerful high school student. However, Karin and her family are all vampires. To make matters worse, Karin is not even an ordinary vampire - she is a blood maker and must inject the excess blood into her victims! If she doesn't find a victim to bite in time, her extra blood is expelled in the form of a massive nosebleed. Karin's already difficult life is made worse when Kenta Usui transfers into her class and she finds her blood increasing at an alarming rate. When sharing classes and an after school job together make avoiding Kenta impossible, Karin must find a way to keep her rapidly increasing blood under control or risk exposing her family's secret.

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Metallikat's avatar
Metallikat Feb 7, 2011
Score 10/10

The story was wonderful, the art was fantastic, everything was absolutely amazing.. up until the end.   The ending was an absolute let down. It couldn't have been worse. I felt like I had read the entire manga series for absolutely nothing. I love the rest of the story and the characters, but ending it all by ( MAJOR SPOILER ALERT ) having them erase Karin's memories so she didn't even remember her... read more

nasreen10's avatar
nasreen10 Nov 22, 2010
Score 7/10

Story: I'm a fan of the vampire genre but it can become overdone. However, Karin adds a nice fresh twist to it (and a funny one at it). It may not make the most amount of sense but it still interesting. I really enjoyed this romantic comedy. It had plenty of romance, humor and plot twist to keep it going. The pacing was good. Not too fast but things didn't drag on too much either. Each plot line was developed... read more

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