Cherry Juice

Vol: 4; Ch: 20
2004 - 2006
3.473 out of 5 from 587 votes
Rank #9,487
Cherry Juice

Five years ago Otome and Minami became stepsister and brother when Otome’s dad and Minami’s mom were married. Ever since that day they have been inseparable siblings and have spent every moment together. Now the pair is in middle school; Minami is popular with all the girls in his cooking club, while Otome is dating Amane, the captain of her kendo team. Everyone around them says that the siblings should be a couple, though the both of them have always brushed it off as a ridiculous and gross idea. However, when her brother becomes jealous of her boyfriend, Otome is confused and begins to wonder if maybe they have feelings for each other after all…

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ffcfran Jul 25, 2015
Score 9/10

At first I thought this sounded corny and cutesy. I was half right. It is cutesy but not in a bad way. You really root for the characters to end up together. There's love triangles and humor, they go through the situations where they have to figure out they are in love, follow their own paths and try to make it work. It is cutesy but theres more to it than that. It is worth the read. read more



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