Cheese in the Trap

Vol: 34; Ch: 298
2010 - 2017
4.482 out of 5 from 1,076 votes
Rank #952
Cheese in the Trap

Seol Hong is a hard-working student, who has returned to college after a long break. Jung Yu is a senior at the college known as Mr. Perfect. Seol feels like her life took a turn for the worse since she got involved with Jung. Is Jung intentionally turning Seol's life?

Source: Webtoon

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Unlike anything I have ever read before. The character development is out of this world and adds a sense of tangibility to the characters that you really don't see in fiction normally. To explain, the important main and side characters in any story are always bound by rules of development to identify them as cogs in a narrative; we have underlying expectations about what the characters might do, or how they might subvert those expectations. But, this webtoon is the study of social relationships and the nature of people. You get to see that there will always be some sort of social heirarchy, that there are meanings and repercussions beyond what you expect to happen in life, and that we all have some degree of victim and perpetrator in us. We all cope and process in different ways, while also continuing and evolving in life the way we know how.  Artistically, it was brilliantly executed. Each new chapter featured a new facial expression or nuance in dynamic motions that you had never seen before, and it added a sense of freshness to the story. I found Soonkki to be a real stickler for details, which brought a sense of organicism to her panels. The translation was also quite well done, though you will need to keep the notion in mind that Korean language communicates differently from English and so some things are not necessarily said but implied. The localized figures-of-speech were stellar, however, and very well applied, ha! I understand that some people may have thought the story dull or even too slow, but this is something that you have to sit with in order to understand. I binged the series in a casual two weeks, but I would always need to occasionally stop and work through all the social implications and emotions that the characters themselves had to work through.  This webtoon cannot be taken at face value: you need to think about all the presented themes and how they tie into each other (I won't disclose what the themes are, as I think it would be a form of spoiling). Part of the experience as a reader is coming to your own conclusions about the situations and people presented: you are shown a realistic scenario of how people in real life would make choices and form/break relationships, and you wonder how you, yourself, would react if in the same spot. If you think you understood all the hidden meanings and variations from one read, you didn't. There are so many layers to unearth narratively and emotionally....And if you are open-minded and empathetic enough, you might just discover some aspects about yourself and others in your real life too. Note - If you do decide to read/re-read this webtoon, then I would recommend looking at these characters that you might otherwise quickly trivialize: BAEK IN-HA (I feel like she is simplified too easily by readers, take a moment to understand her POV) Yoo Young-soo (Jung's father) Kim Sang-cheol Son Min-soo Kang Ah-young (look for what she does RIGHT as a person)

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