Cheat Mode Farming in Another World

Alt title: Yurufuwa Nouka no Moji Bake Skill: Isekai de Katarogu Tsuuhan Yattemasu

Vol: 5+; Ch: 24+
2019 - ?
3.764 out of 5 from 299 votes
Rank #14,011
Cheat Mode Farming in Another World

In a strange turn of events, 29 year old bachelor Tatsuya gets transported to another world where he must use his newly acquired farming skills to survive. However, he soon finds out it isn't nearly as tough as he expected! The food he finds and the crops he grows are all delicious, and a little Japanese-style seasoning makes for the perfect finishing touch! When you're surrounded with food, alcohol, and beatiful brides, who cares if you're stuck in another world? A laid-back, fluffy harem life is about to begin!

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TL;DR - More braindead, horny garbage. Story (1/10) After the 1st half of chapter 1 there isn't a story. He was isekai'd w/ a group of people and of course, someone in the group is ridiculously evil for no reason and they all ditch this guy. That's where any real "story" ends. He laments his situation, wishes he had internet, and then magically, without explanation, acquires Internet lvl 10 skill and infinite battery for his phone. Like it doesn't even start at level 1 and progress, he just immediately becomes overpowered. From there he googles basic survival skils, discovers an abandoned shack, makes it his home, and starts farming & cooking real food. After that, random girls of varying species randomly show up at his doorstep to eat his food and have sex with him. I wish I was joking. This is by and far the stupidest manga I've ever read. Art (7/10) Well, the art's decent. I'll give it that. Characters (1/10) I can't even call this writing lazy. The author just didn't think and started vomiting gibberish on the paper. MC is devoid of any personality other than "loves food", "is horny", "along for the ride", and tsukkomi, where he overreacts to everything. The group of people who were isekai'd with him hate him simply because he was the only one who didn't get a heroic skill card (he got "cultivator" or "farmer" or something). Even a complete dumbass would understand the value of having someone who can farm and harvest food. But no, for the sake of this "story" everyone's gotta be evil and leave MC to die. One of the guys in the group is exceedingly arrogant and mean and evil for absolutely no reason. Somehow there's only a single girl in that group who is somewhat friendly but is convinced in all of two panels to just leave MC to die. Ok then. All the demi-human girls have the same personality and they all just want to eat MC's food and have sex with him. See, calling writing lazy implies that it was an attempt at writing. Here, everything is a pretense and excuse for SEKS Overall There seems to be a growing pandemic of awkward men who can't find girlfriends and also don't have friends, so they illustrate shitty manga where the story and characters make absolutely zero sense but have plenty of SEX

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