Chasing Tails

Alt title: Kkorijapgi

Ch: 107
2021 - 2023
4.22 out of 5 from 146 votes
Rank #759
Chasing Tails

After nine college students are trapped under a collapsed building for 14 days, only six come out alive, and only four of them can speak. The dead bodies of their fellow students are viciously mangled, leading police to investigate the case as a possible homicide. Detective Lieutenants Jeongdo Kwon and Yeongchae Shin, together with renowned neuropsychiatrist Dr. Yeongwha Ju, must parse through witness testimony and inconclusive physical evidence to uncover the truth. But how do you solve a locked-room murder case when every witness is a suspect?

Source: Webtoon

Includes 7 extra chapters.

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This is a must read! Truly addicting! The moment I started reading, it never left my mind. The story is really interesting and keeps throwing facts here and there which makes it so confusing to tell who's the real suspect. The problem with knowing the suspect is that no conclusive evidence is found yet. That is, not enough to call them the real suspect.  Warning: May contain spoilers Story:  The story is really interesting and the plot seems as if it's full of secrets. One might even start to wonder if it's all done by some supernatural force after all. It's not only the case which makes the plot so interesting but also the fact that the detectives working on the case also have their own stories to tell. All in all, though it keeps you guessing about who's the suspect, it doesn't get boring.  Art: The art is also awesome and plays a big role. The way the situation is depicted makes us feel connected to the plot and the way it shows the flashbacks of the time when they were trapped makes me feel all the emotions they must be feeling. The strange feeling of the case makes it quite scary and creepy but still addicting to the point I keep thinking about who might it be who did all this. The art depicts everything so perfectly, it feels like it actually happened.  Characters:  In this plot, it's not only the victims/suspects who are the focus of the plot but also the advisory doctor and the detectives have their own backstories. Along with the victim's lives, the other detectives and the doctor's lives are also shown.  Overall, it's just great. A few good points are that the plot stays interesting, it's easy to connect with the plot, the situation is shown in a way which makes us feel the emotions of the characters easily, etc. A few bad points are that of course the suspect isn't found yet so it can get frustrating just wanting to know who it was, it feels kinda bad that the good and the rational guy and two of the nice girls died, etc. 

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