Chaotic Lof World

Alt titles: All Heavenly Days, Metempsychosis Record

Ch: 165+
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Chaotic Lof World

Among all worlds, there was one named Lof World, which, after it had existed for 100 thousand years, was doomed to come to an end and vanish for 100 thousand years. All things, nonliving or living, in this Lof World vanished when the World was over, without exception, until one day a teenage woke up in Swords Cabinet in Divine Sword Sect.

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Plot Synopsis  Between the Earth and the Heavens, there is a place known as the great Luofu World. After 100,000 years of births and 100,000 years of deaths, a billion living creatures filled up this world. This 200,000 year cycle of life and death has turned continuously, endlessly, up until this moment, when a youth dead for 10,000 years awakens within the Cang Jian Ge. Isekai (Technically... read more


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