Chaosic Rune

Vol: 8; Ch: 71
2003 - 2004
3.445 out of 5 from 205 votes
Rank #9,065
Chaosic Rune

When Ryouga was a boy, he was the sole survivor of a terrible plane crash; with horror, he watched as the other survivors were eaten by a terrifying monster, healing Ryouga's wounds in the process. As a teenager, Ryouga is haunted by these memories and agrees to go with a stranger to a mysterious school for special people. However, little did Ryouga know that within the school's walls lied a brutal game in which cards are used to summon monsters and obliterate other players. Armed with an exceptionally powerful card known as Death Rex, Ryouga must do everything in his power to win so that he may discover the truth behind his past and accept what fate requires of him to do.

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Thrawn Nov 6, 2012
Score 8/10

October's Badass War on Halloween MM
Story: To be frank, this is a world of badass. Cards that summon monsters and shit, where if the monster gets injured, so does the summoner and none of that "punch monster, oooh! Summoner is bruised! And he's cut?!" kinda shit, this is where if a monster fucking rips the arm off of another monster, the summoner's arm gets fucking ripped off. This is card... read more

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