Change 123

Vol: 12; Ch: 60
2005 - 2010
3.996 out of 5 from 1,131 votes
Rank #3,767
Change 123

Meet Motoko, a girl with a very strange problem. In order to cope with her 3 adoptive fathers' incredibly intensive training methods, she developed multiple personalities, each with a different martial specialty. But what happens if none of them can beat her opponent on their own? And what further nugget of wisdom will be imparted by the great Kamen Raider?

Source: MU

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JAhU Jun 24, 2014
Score 7/10

Moved from my blog: I have mixed feeling about Change 123 manga. On one hand the story was actually interesting, on the other, there was some quite intense ecchi in it and in rather large quantities. The story goes like this: Wimpy protagonist who is a nerd and an (Kamen Rider) otaku falls in love with his classmate Matoko who is an unpopular, clumsy, shy and antisocial girl. Motoko has a secret however, she... read more

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TheMajor5 Feb 5, 2011
Score 8/10

Overview: Change 123 or Change (hi-fu-mi) or Change 1 then 2 then 3 times.  Mokoto was born the daughter of three fathers.  All three fathers are masters in a certain field of Martial Arts.  To deal with stress and the intense training of her fathers, Mokoto created three alternate personalities , each pertaining to a certain father.  Hibikii, Fujiko, and Mikiri, (HiFuMi) all are the same... read more



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