Chained Soldier

Alt title: Mato Seihei no Slave

Vol: 15+; Ch: 130+
2019 - ?
3.923 out of 5 from 972 votes
Rank #6,489
Chained Soldier

Otherworldly spaces known as “demon cities” appeared in various parts of Japan, and those who partook in the “peaches” growing there gained unique abilities—but only if they're girls. One day, a down-in-the-dumps high school boy named Yuuki Wagura suddenly gets lost at the entrance of a demon city. There, he meets Kyoka Uzen, the beautiful leader of the seven programs of “Magical Defense Corps,” who orders him to become her slave?!

Source: Yen Press

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There are four reasons why I like this manga: 1) The art is very good. The character designs are cute and the facial expressions are emotive and dynamic. The battle scenes are also well drawn and exciting. The movements and anatomy of the bodies (both nude and clothed) are always of the highest quality. 2) The world is simple enough to immediately grasp, but with enough mystery to it that it could lead to some discoveries and intrigue down the line. There is a parallel dimension called Mato connected to the human world through gates, and there are demonic beings called Shuuki which exist within there. If human women eat peaches from Mato, there is the possibility of them gaining unique powers which they then use to fight the shuuki in a force called the Anti-Demon Corps. But how do the peaches work? And how are the shuuki born, especially the newly discovered intelligent humanoid shuuki? 3) The characters are very engaging. We have Yuuki, a man in a world dominated by women, who's always had dreams of becoming a hero. Fe is turned into Kyouka's slave-mount, which gives fem somewhat of an opportunity to be heroic, and fe also gets ecchi rewards from Kyouka. Kyouka, is the leader of the 7th unit, and feir body moves on its own to give Yuuki feir rewards. But there are hints that fe may not be totally against doing ecchi things with fem. Shushu is a sexually curious member of the unit who's pretty honest with femself about feir feelings for Yuuki. Himari is a tsundere. Nei is a young member of the unit, who is super sweet and adorable as fe tries to act like a proper superior over fem (since fe's working as a housekeeper). And there are several other recurring characters, including some members of the 6th unit and the humanoid shuuki. I'm fine with all of them. 4) The manga integrates nudity and ecchiness into the plot pretty seamlessly. It doesn't feel tacked on. Especially the ecchi scenes involving Kyouka, since those are built into the reward system of feir power. In other words, it's not just random fan service scenes set in baths or hot tubs with no plot-based reason to include such scenes. Though, obviously, some of the ecchiness still does feel gratuitous and disconnected (like the licking in chapter 29) and there are arguably too many women interested in Yuuki, but it's not as bad as it could be. [Reviewed at chapter 30]

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