Catching Two Birds with One Sweet Princess

Alt title: Oppareul Kkosiryeo Haenneunde Namjuga Neomeowatda

Ch: 104
2021 - 2022
2.904 out of 5 from 154 votes
Rank #37,509
Catching Two Birds with One Sweet Princess

After awakening in a webnovel as Princess Clara, this former office worker isn’t getting the royal treatment. As the shy sister of the tyrannical King Bastian, she’s immediately faced with disdain and so much drama! Plus her character's destined to be seduced by his latest hostage, Crown Prince Daniel, accused of betrayal, and executed. But Clara’s got a backbone and a plan to win over her brother. She’s ready to take control, slap some sense into meddling nobles and servants, and resist the charms of her handsome (really handsome) charge!

Source: Tapas

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Yea no, I just got bored. The story is very bland. It’s almost like it’s predictable in the most unpredictable fashion. Due to which, it rlly didn't hold my interest for long. I kept thinking that the ML being helpless was just an act he put on to fool the FL & stuff. But honestly, I don’t it actually is. Which just makes the story so much more, eh.  But srsly, why is the ML that helpless?? There's scene where he’s tied up & it was especially uncomfortable. I don’t know if it was just me but the way he was tied up was very....awkward. But like, nobody else in the story acknowledged how awkwardly he was tied up 😭. The flowers & sparkles did not do the scene much favor either 😭😭. Also the characters [FL] act like ML might be greatly injured/wounded or something, but there's like zero wounds on him. A scratch at best. FL says that she's kinda thankful that there wasn't much bleeding from his wounds. But like, neither the wounds nor the blood from them, that the FL references, are actually presently shown. For some reason, they just weren't drawn (Which, quite frankly, just made it seem like FL was just over-reacting. A trait which I don't think she's canonically supposed to have). I’m not a huge fan of the artstyle too. It’s not that bad, but like their faces all look very odd at times. The backgrounds also look barren at times too. Sometimes, the only objects that exist in background are those that the character are interacting with. Other than that, the backgrounds have almost no other objects, or clutter in them making them all feel incredibly empty.I checked out NU, to see if maybe something exciting happens later but eh, nothing that interesting happens (or atleast nothing that interested me), so I will be dropping this.

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