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Alt titles: Detective Conan, Meitantei Conan

Case Closed
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Nov 4, 2016

There is a REASON that this manga has continued for over 20 years.

The beginning is rather slow with a number of filler cases, but the further you get through this series, the closer each occurance of seeing main plotline progress is. Though in reality, all early cases are improving Mouri Kogoro's reputation and thus progressing the plot. 

Edogawa Conan, the shrunken alias of Kudo Shinichi, solves cases with his intelect and gadgets given to him from his inventor friend. It's a cross of Sherlock Holmes and James Bond. But that was just the set up for the story. It was made to be a murder mystery series at the start, not an action series, but has developed into such with the progression of the main plot.

There are many clues in each chapter, and there is often so much dialogue that my ADHD begins to yell at me. But if you really read everything, it is possible to figure out the criminal at the time that Conan does. It's a good test of your knowlege, but it's also great for learning strange facts. People wonder why I'm such a pro at mystery riddles. There are also many clues to the main plot scattered through the series, so I don't recomend skipping chapters. If it's the anime however, it's easy to find a list of Manga-canon episodes and to stick to those. 

The art style is very unique. Everything from nose and face shapes, to the way it's colored, and the signature eyes with their lined shine through them, and the art has only gotten better through the years as Aoyama-sensei and technology have improved. To show a single picture of each character without also seeing how they looked at their origins and during development is a crime. Some characters have looked the same, like Ran and Shinichi/Conan, but others like Gin and Takagi have changed quite a bit. Their jaws grew sharper and their hair grew softer. As someone who is proud to call myself an art critic, it has been a blast to see the changes in art style throughout the years. 

The Characters, what to say about them. Aoyama-sensei has a pattern. He loves smart characters, but they also have to have a certain level of brawn as well. Shinichi plays soccer. Heiji does kendo. Sera pratices Jeet kun do. Nearly every main character has a way to defend themselves. Not all of them know as many facts as the detective-characters, of which there are a number at a sherlockian level (not usually quite as good as Shinichi/Conan), but all of them are able to think things through logically and even Ran is seen playing detective in a few chapters. 

Honestly, this is one of my favorite series. I enjoy the suspense, as much as it kills me, and I love seeing how Aoyama-sensei plays off of every mystery series ever. I can't imagine how much research he must put in to some of these chapters, and I wonder how well some of the tricks would work. But alas, the latest chapters have gotten up to Rum, the organization's Number 2 person. The end is nearing and I know Aoyama-sensei will do just as amazing of a job on the ending as he did on everything else. 

I've been a Conan fan since 2004 when I was 13 years old and watching the english dubs on Funamation TV. I plan to follow it to the end. I highly recomend this series. 

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Aug 12, 2011

Story: 9/10

I started reading Case Closed back when I'm like 14 years old and now I'm on the volume 35 and ongoing reading it. The few thing that I hate about this is that Jimmy (Kudo) I'm using English names.  ALWAYS get out of a tough spot  by the help of others.  When Racheal countlessly suspected him to be Jimmy Kudo (when he's Conan) she changes her mind when Dr. Agusa or oneelse or some accident saves him.  It takes along time to reach a point that pecks the plot that I get annoyed because of all those cases. I mean wow; in that short time Japan should be in the number one spot of the most murders and kidnappings. Don't get me wrong; I'm a fan of Detective Conan.  The cases are original and very creative that made me wonder- 'Did the mangaka attempted murder himself and got away with it?" hahaha. =) The plot is very good to if you have good patience when reaching some parts of it.  I give it a 9 out of 10. ^_^ and I recommanded this highly to anyone who likes solving cases, mysteries. and have a great deal of patience. well and a fan of Sherlock Homes.

Art: 5/10

Well the Art is nothing speacil and I should expect this when it's made in 1994 or 1995. The art is very old style and somehow very original. I don't have any problems with the art through I wish the mangaka can draw better character's appearance at times.  Other than the old style drawing; it's pretty good. But don't expect rank 5 stars on Art work like 'Code Geass'

Characters: 9/10

The characters are all very creative except a few...

Richard Moore (Mouri):  Well this characters is well planned of and everything in the mangaka drawing and personailties. He couldn't solve a case without help from Jimmy Kudo, Hattori (Hardy? english), or anyone for the matter. He's not very open minded when it comes with cases and often suggested the simple method. I kind of understand why he thought of this because he used to be a normal cop. Anyway shouldn't he have taken the BAR test to become a detective or something like that? I doubt he passed it

Racheal Moore:   I like her character. She's very nice and caring but at times she could be really scary. She knows karade that proves she could take care of herself to some point.  Although at some things she get's really bad temper (Jimmy's disappearance) or when she thinks that he has a secret girlfriend on the side.  She's Jimmy Kudo's childhood best friend.  She can get really annoying when looking for Conan -_-  I just wish the mangaka changed that part a bit.

Jimmy Kudo/ Conan:  His character is very original..but he TOO smart for his OWN age. He needs to make some mistakes. He's almost like a Mary Sue in novels.  But other than that I like his character.

The Kids: Ayumi, Genta etc...

They are the most annoying kids in ALL manga. They do not understand the meaning of danger and keep away means.  The only kid I like in the group is Ayumi (Amy) and that's because I think her crush on Conan is cute.  They so annoying that I want to close my manga or shut my computer off to take a break. But...They also made the some point.

Overall: 10/10:

Overall the manga so far is very good; and well written (and drawn).  ^_^

9/10 story
5/10 art
9/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Aug 17, 2011

I started reading Detective Conan/Case Closed a while ago, and dropped it. My friend made me pick the serise back up again, and I'm really glad she did. The one things I really dislike about this manga, though it truly is necessary, is the number of cases that they have to do before they actually encounter the Black Organiztaion. It really annoys me, in my opinion the onyl chapters that really matter are the ones with the member of the BO, but the build up is also needed. So it's agravating to read the 20-30 odd cases before you see a glimspe of on of their members. Other then that I really love this manga. I love trying to guess whos the culprit, and how the weapon was used.


Story: 9/10

Again I said it above one of the only things that bugged me was the amount of chapters in between the meeting of the Black organization members is a bit extensive. I knnow they are needed but I wish the prgression was a little faster. The casews are really orginail from locked room cases, to the occasional bombing. It really makes me wonder where he comes oup with all of this, inclunding the facts. you can't really make things like this up.


Art: 6/10

I really love the art style for some reason, it's nothing that's really special, but it's different I gues you could say. but It's a pretty old style since the manga was created in 1994. but I love reading the first chapter and comparing to the current chapter, and just seeing and comparing the differences in the style and seeing how the lines have become more angular. I wonder how it feels to draw the same characters everyday/week/month/year for about 17 years.


Characters: 7/10

Surprisingly enough I like almost all the female characters in this manga. I usuallly ahte them because they are like damsal in distress, or get kidnapped aoften and held for some sort of ransom. but I love Ran, Kazuha, Sonoko, Haibara.

I have an issue with amy, and the rest of the Detective Boys. really and truly I feel that they have nothing to offer to the story line. To me they are a constant annoyance, a nuisance. The only time they did offer anything of use was in the Raven Chaser, where they took Agasa's joke seriously and went searching for something, and it turned out to be important in the end.

I kind of dislike, the Conan/Shinichi can do no wrong. Their deductions are always perfect, with very little flaws, it's kind of needed yes, but still I always wish that in one case his deduction will have a fatal flaw and that Mouri or another character will have to correct them.

I like how on occasion ( I think it happened twice or so) Conan let Mouri solve the case, because it was an important moment for him, and Conan could see that and let him solve it. Sometimes I wonder how Mouri became a detective >.< his deductions are really out there on occasion.

I think the Black Organization is the perfect villian type character. I am generally scared by them, I don't know why. >.> There's a chapter where something happens and the almost figure out who Conan really is, I was so scared that they were going to kill someone.

I really like the concept of best in the west and best in the east. They should be rivals Heiji and Conan, but I love their friendship. Heiji's cluelessness when it comes to Kazuha is quite interesting.

I like how Kaito Kid, and his friend, are like mirror images towards Ran and Shinichi. They really could be twins.


Overall: 8/10

This anime is really good for those who love a long story, are intersted in mysteries, and a bit of a Sherlock Holmes fan. Truth be told, some of the cases can't be solved unless you know some Japanese, but it's still fun. THough the only truly frustration is the progression. Nothing truly monumental happens untill the Black Organiztion appears, that and a few teachers but yeah....

9/10 story
6/10 art
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Aug 16, 2010

So far, after reading the first 8 volumes, I am really enjoying this series. It's well written by Gosho Aoyama, and the artwork's inventive as well. What really stands out though are the numerous ways found to kill characters in interesting and inventive ways.

I've long been a fan of murder mysteries, especially the short fiction which has been gracing the pages of pulp magazines such as Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine for several decades. So it should come as no surprise then that I love this series, as it's a full series of people getting axed (pardon the pun).

I am reading the series as published by VIZ Media.

I think it would be criminal to spoil anything in this mini-review by giving aways plot points, twists and turns. Just give the series a try and judge for yourself.

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Nov 16, 2020

Sometimes when you read a lot of manga, it can get tiresome constantly trying to track down new great series to read just to have them end within fifty chapters. Especially since you will end up having to sift through many less-than-great series just to find these quick-ending great series. When I get frustrated by this constant search, I can find comfort in a series which is palatable and which will last a heck-of-a long time--regardless of whether it's "great" or not. Case Closed fits firmly in that category. It's not amazing, but it's easy to read and consistently entertaining. They've currently concluded 304 cases (and are in the middle of the 305th). The cases are pretty inconsistent in their quality--there are multiple times when you'll get an absolutely excellent case side-by-side with an absolute dud. The longest streak of consecutive "good" cases was eleven cases (ch. 26-67) and the longest streak of "bad" cases was eight cases (ch. 567-590). Which means most of the time, despite some stories going towards extremes, most of the cases oscillate around acceptable mediocrity. The vast majority of those cases involve murders, but there are also kidnappings, coded messages, escapes, and various other types of puzzles and mysteries. In addition to the standard cases with adults, Conan runs into situations with the Detective Boys--a group of friends fe's made in elementary school. Most cases are three (or four) chapters long, but there are a few that are only a single chapter and the longest case was ten chapters. We get slow-growing romantic gooeyness interspersed throughout. The primary couple is Shinichi (whose child-form is called Conan) and Ran. We also get some stories involving Kogoro and feir estranged wife Eri, Hattori and Kazuha, Sonoko and Makoto, as well as multiple police officers and their romances. A lot of the romances stem from childhood crushes. And honestly, it's these romances in addition to the larger story arcs which hook you and keep you engaged long-term. These larger story arc mysteries are usually built around uncovering the identity of one of the Black Organization agents:

  • The Vermouth Story Arc (ch. 238-434)
  • The Kir Story Arc (ch. 499-609)
  • The Bourbon Story Arc (ch. 622-824)
  • The Rum Story Arc (ch. 899-present)

The Vermouth, Bourbon, and Rum stories have all involved Conan knowing that an agent by that name is being deployed and having several suspects for whom that could be. There are also some other long-term mysteries like the boss's phone number or Mary's identity. And a lot of other detectives and sharp-minded people end up orbiting around Conan, usually initially coming across as suspicious. Some of these people (like Hattori or Akai) end up becoming confidantes of sorts while others (like Eisuke) end up disappearing after their part in the story is over. It's stupid how these other detectives who recognize Conan's sharp mind will make a deduction and then say something like "Isn't that right, Conan?" I also don't like how, when they have multiple deductors on a case, they'll almost always have them all simultaneously arrive at the same deductions (as though there is one possible thought process).

The premise of a teenager in a child's body having to hide feir true identity is really cool and creates interesting tension in addition to solving the crime, but it would've been vastly improved if Conan relied entirely on giving others subtle hints which led the adults to the correct conclusion rather than having fem almost always knocking people unconscious with feir wristwatch tranquilizer darts and then using feir bowtie voice changer to pretend to be them. Like, the first few times this was done, it was sorta cute and funny. But each time it's done, my amusement decreases and my annoyance at the unrealistic nature of it all increases. It's also unrealistic how, more often than not, Conan and others just happen to be at the crime scene when the crime occurs rather than being told about it after the fact. They do have people comment on the strangeness of people appearing to pass out and cases always appearing around them, but that's about it. They just make passing comments and then still do them. It gets even worse when they start having Conan start using Kogoro's voice before knocking fem out (for no apparent reason!). Sometimes chapters will recap what happened in the previous chapter. I'm sure this was done to help readers who are reading the installments as they come out, but when you're reading it compiled, it feels a bit tedious. I also find some of Conan's quirks, like fem putting feir arms behind feir head, annoying over time. And the misogyny and traditional familial ideals (such as Kogoro and Conan literally starving without Ran cooking for them) get old fast; I'm sure it's that same mindset that led to the author including some casual homophobia in chapter 620. Also, chapter 300's portrayal of Reefer Madness feels like an uninformed and outdated view of the effects of marijuana. True, they do say it was laced with something, but why don't they act as though that thing it was laced with is the true culprit?

The artwork is pretty pleasant. Right from the beginning, I loved it. Honestly, if anything, it might've gotten worse over time? They like doing exaggerated heads for comedic effect. It strikes a good balance on the cartoon-realism scale, allowing for both comic effects and for the gore to feel like actual gore. There is of course the failing that a lot of characters look pretty similar, with there being at least three characters that look almost identical to the main character. Again, they comment on this, but don't actually seem to be doing anything to prevent it from happening in the first place.

If I've learned anything from this series, it's to not trust college clubs.

[Reviewed at chapter 1063]

7/10 story
8/10 art
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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