Case Closed

Alt titles: Detective Conan, Meitantei Conan

Vol: 98+; Ch: 1070+
1994 - ?
4.343 out of 5 from 2,019 votes
Rank #1,336
Case Closed

Shinichi Kudo is a famous teenage detective who follows in the footsteps of his favorite hero, Sherlock Holmes, solving difficult cases with ease. One day, while investigating suspicious activity during one of his cases, he was captured and forced to try a deadly experimental drug which ended up being less than fatal, shrinking his body to the age of seven. To cope with the new appearance, he took on a new name, Conan Edogawa. Can he, with his new alias and help of friends and family, capture the culprit?

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There is a REASON that this manga has continued for over 20 years. The beginning is rather slow with a number of filler cases, but the further you get through this series, the closer each occurance of seeing main plotline progress is. Though in reality, all early cases are improving Mouri Kogoro's reputation and thus progressing the plot.  Edogawa Conan, the shrunken alias of Kudo Shinichi, solves cases with his intelect and gadgets given to him from his inventor friend. It's a cross of Sherlock Holmes and James Bond. But that was just the set up for the story. It was made to be a murder mystery series at the start, not an action series, but has developed into such with the progression of the main plot. There are many clues in each chapter, and there is often so much dialogue that my ADHD begins to yell at me. But if you really read everything, it is possible to figure out the criminal at the time that Conan does. It's a good test of your knowlege, but it's also great for learning strange facts. People wonder why I'm such a pro at mystery riddles. There are also many clues to the main plot scattered through the series, so I don't recomend skipping chapters. If it's the anime however, it's easy to find a list of Manga-canon episodes and to stick to those.  The art style is very unique. Everything from nose and face shapes, to the way it's colored, and the signature eyes with their lined shine through them, and the art has only gotten better through the years as Aoyama-sensei and technology have improved. To show a single picture of each character without also seeing how they looked at their origins and during development is a crime. Some characters have looked the same, like Ran and Shinichi/Conan, but others like Gin and Takagi have changed quite a bit. Their jaws grew sharper and their hair grew softer. As someone who is proud to call myself an art critic, it has been a blast to see the changes in art style throughout the years.  The Characters, what to say about them. Aoyama-sensei has a pattern. He loves smart characters, but they also have to have a certain level of brawn as well. Shinichi plays soccer. Heiji does kendo. Sera pratices Jeet kun do. Nearly every main character has a way to defend themselves. Not all of them know as many facts as the detective-characters, of which there are a number at a sherlockian level (not usually quite as good as Shinichi/Conan), but all of them are able to think things through logically and even Ran is seen playing detective in a few chapters.  Honestly, this is one of my favorite series. I enjoy the suspense, as much as it kills me, and I love seeing how Aoyama-sensei plays off of every mystery series ever. I can't imagine how much research he must put in to some of these chapters, and I wonder how well some of the tricks would work. But alas, the latest chapters have gotten up to Rum, the organization's Number 2 person. The end is nearing and I know Aoyama-sensei will do just as amazing of a job on the ending as he did on everything else.  I've been a Conan fan since 2004 when I was 13 years old and watching the english dubs on Funamation TV. I plan to follow it to the end. I highly recomend this series. 

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