Carrier Falcon Princess

Ch: 38+
2021 - ?
4.433 out of 5 from 407 votes
Rank #1,362
Carrier Falcon Princess

A Kingdom under war.The 8th Princess of Roymonde, Zelleine, escaped in time amidst the chaos, but she woke up in a bird’s body instead of a princess’s? ‘Gweeckkk’What is this? What is this animal’s sound? Even worse, the bird she was “transmigrated” into is the messenger falcon of the bloodless and tearless General ‘Valhayle’. She starts a journey for her country and to find her real body but she keeps getting involved with the General and a red warning sign flashes in her life. Human or bird, life is hard.

Source: MU

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It's a very enjoyable webtoon. The premise is unique, like, unique unique - I mean, have you ever seen a carrier falcon princess story before? Basically, while running away from the invading country that ruined the kingdom's palace, the princess turns into a falcon for some reason. After some development, she is a messenger bird for the commander. The development between FL and ML is nice. The commander and the princess in bird form are slowly building trust in each other. Hopefully, the commander won't develop romantic feelings for the bird before knowing that's the princess because that would just be weird. It's probably just a human-animal bond when she's in bird form. This is at chapter 20 - nobody knows the bird is the princess. The princess is a bit of the self-sacrificing type. While that's not the most enjoyable type of protagonist to read because of all the suspense you get from the character diving into risky situations, the story does a good job of showing why she thinks that way (hint: fight for throne, survival, wants to be helpful to kingdom, loves her kingdom) She's still a nice character to read. She's quite thorough in her plans to survive and really loves her kingdom. She has realistic smarts and fears. I like to read her thought process. The commander (ML) is a stern but kind commander. I liked to see him thinking out strategy and directing the military, as I could see that he's actually a competent commander instead of commanders of some stories where they're just shown as being extremely talented from small and shown only winning victories. There's some light military strategy stuff in the story that, in my opinion, enhances the story and shows the seriousness of the war. The art is very good. The bird form is sooooo cute. I like the lighting in the armour. Everyone is good-looking. I recommend this if you're looking for an entertaining read with good plot and art.

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