Can't Touch This Princess

Alt titles: Don’t Touch Me!, Tui Tui Tui Tuixia!

Ch: 60
3.911 out of 5 from 67 votes
Rank #7,000
Can't Touch This Princess

Changning Xiao, the beautiful grand princess of the imperial dynasty, was suddenly married off... to a eunuch?! The empress dowager has held control ever since Changning’s parents died and promised her to this leader of an enemy faction, in a plot to both humiliate her and get a pawn on the inside. It’s already bad enough that Changning used to make fun of him in the past, but with the powerful empress dowager on one side and the infamously cold and bloodthirsty (yet handsome!!) eunuch on the other, will Changing make it through and survive?

Source: Tapas

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