Candy Man

Ch: 50
2018 - 2019
3.581 out of 5 from 714 votes
Rank #24,959
Candy Man

Kyuyeon has an alternative persona in the online game, he pretends to be a female player with a character named “Yorong” only to rip off items from other clueless users. One of “Her” diehard fan named “Yeommin” showers Kyuyeon with gifts day and night. He’s happy but at the same time, Kyuyeon feels a bit pressured about Yeommin because he’s always asking “Yorong” for a date. To top it all, Kyuyeon finds out that Yeommin is his handsome classmate Kimin Yeom. How is he going to get out of this trouble?

Source: Pocket Comics

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This shit is like "the room" of all BL manhwas it's so bad I was laughing the living shit outta myself the whole time... it's "my darling signed in" gone corny yandere mode basically.  Ok in all honesty it is quite hilarious ngl, this kinda toxic relationship will get crapped on irl but hey, when you go yandere you go all the way in fiction. Kimin's a shallow af psycho dude who fell in love with Kyuyeon's online avatar "Yorong" after he's been helped out by "her" in the Arcana game. It was just dat simple aight? I thought there would be a lil mystery woven into the comedy with how Kimin's been leading us on with his vague reasons for liking Kyuyeon. But it really was just because he's been helped out by Yorong that one time LOOOL.  That aside, i dun really know what's the deal with all this water & Kyunyeon connection. I'll just assume that Kyunyeon's susceptible to Kimin's tears whilst he himself could also affect others by fake crying (the dude used a teardrop bottle one time) or crying pitifully for real. That and is also gifted with the ability to persuade others by unleashing his corny Yorong persona during crucial times.   This BL is sth you can get a good laugh out of if you enjoy funny coming out moments and a scared Kyuyeon thinking of ways to avoid Kimin finding out he's a guy. If you're looking at the "story" from an objective point of view then you wouldn't be getting that much since it's genuinely bad haha. Still once in a while ya can chill out to bad funny stories like this. 

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