Ch: 12+
2022 - ?
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A rising star of the Department of Vocal Music, Seol Chaewoo. However, that's a thing of the past as he now moves around various part-time jobs to restore his broken home. "Chaewoo, have you, by any chance, thought of getting set up with an Alpha?" - like matchmaking. Chaewoo receives a proposal to be a "reset partner" and give birth to an Alpha's child. "Sunbae, you're an Omega, right?" And his partner in this, of all people, is a hoobae in his major, Beom Euigeon... "It's okay to touch it for a bit, isn't it? After all, this place is going to carry my child." Euigeon who makes use of Chaewoo's circumstances to drive him to a corner. And Chaewoo who wants to reject Euigeon, but his body can't help but react...!

Source: MU

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