Camera-senpai to Sewayaki Jouzu na Kouhai-chan (Light Novel)

Vol: 2+
2022 - ?
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Camera-senpai to Sewayaki Jouzu na Kouhai-chan (Light Novel)

Ayato Kanzaki is a high school student who has genius photography skills but is only interested in taking pictures of boobs. His goal is to take the ultimate beauty's boob photo. However, he has entered his second year of high school without finding a beautiful girl with his ideal tits.In the camera club where he is working, Yukiki Shiromiya, a junior with a natural sense of theater but modest breasts, joins the club. With Yukiki as his assistant, Ayato sets his sights on winning a prize in a school contest for photos of boobs. He starts talking to beautiful girls who he thinks have ideal tits, but of course, there is no way he will be allowed to take pictures of them...! 

Source: MU

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