Cage of Eden

Alt title: Eden no Ori

Vol: 21; Ch: 185
2008 - 2013
4.233 out of 5 from 2,673 votes
Rank #2,002
Cage of Eden

Akira Sengoku and his class were traveling home from a field trip aboard Flight 357 when the plane mysteriously crashed, leaving them stranded on a hostile, prehistoric island. In this place, extinct and colossal animals run wild, quickly devouring many of the survivors and leaving the rest to fight for their lives. Alongside his childhood friend Rion and other classmates, Akira will struggle to survive in this impossible place against all odds.

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Story: You know, I can't believe it ended. It left so much open, so many threads untied and loose. So many things missing, so many questions left unanswered and yet, it answered some of the most important of them all, and to it's benefit in a good pace. And why, is this guy talking about the ending right at the start? Because you already know deep down that a dumbass manga like this, chockful of fanservice, ridiculous events, hot-blooded hammy speeches and action, can never, ever, EVER hope to achieve a satisfying conclusion. It's the nature of things. But damn a nice plot it doth threads. Kids on a plane, with a hot steward and most of said kids buxom and bouncy, with ten, twenty, shitload of other bodies and bam! Plane crashes. It's all, disaster and shit until HOLY SHITSAURUS IT'S FUCKING EATING PEOPLE and then it just immediately sheds any sense of reason and decency for high-octane thrills, heroics and fanservice. I mean the premise is pretty neat with the disaster and island survival thing (To be fair, it's probably a cliche premise but love my survival manga) but as it progresses, it gets more interesting and has more depth than you would initially suspect. Seriously, plot! I don't mean plots plot, all boobs and no sensible plot of any kind, but plot plot. It's pretty good considering all the other mentionables and everything I couldn't mention for fear of spoilers but it goes against most reason for it to be anything but an excuse for boobs in the jungle and wild animals with a taste for human flesh. You wouldn't be surprised but with the animals, comes a train of... well, think of it as a periodical ass slapping. It comes one after the other and this goes hand to ass with all the events that befall Akira and his group. Sure it leads to chapters upon chapters of action, but it gets so ridiculous how anti-Akira the island is that it's even lampshaded a few times. Which was hilarious, maybe unintentionally so. The unanswered questions in contrast to the fun factor, the principal of screwing the MC over whenever possible, leans towards the latter and while it may provide answers slowly, it still provides a fair share of them. Things may become cliche or "the usual" as things progress and predictions may come true, it still doesn't mean it isn't fun. And logic, incredibly enough, is still prevalent. Sort of, but not even logic can trump pointless bathing scenes. Art: I do believe it improved over time. I usually don't have much to say for art in stuff like this apart from the usual pervy things so I'll keep it simple: It looks good, they are stacked, others are really stacked, clothes are impeccably clean, no lasting scars, animals look good... Know what? Art's good. Gets pretty awesome in places but it's definitely on the attractive side overall. Characters: Well... boobs. I have to get this out of the way, for this part at least. Mammaries from nicely sized to damn big for a teenager to eye-poppers. But these buxom dames aren't just for show, we get background info! I know this sounds crazy, but we get to learn a bit about them, more than their names and in one certain chapter, a perv's thoughts on some of them. It sure is classy. Don't have much to say about them but the guys are handled a bit better. Akira is your usual, tough-as-nails badass MC of a shounen manga. He has it all, from the hot-blooded speeches to his ability to take blow upon blow and this guy can lead! He can enthrall! He can envigorate- encourage, and etc. Still a pretty cool guy but the real seller is Zaji, who is just plain awesome. He's a cooler guy, smart sometimes and muscle in others and fun. Backstory too. And a lot of these characters (The teens on the class trip) have their past intertwined with each other, childhood and friendships forged from days long passed. Chemistry, history, and there is a boat load of characters. I'm going to gloss over them, skip a few from a few dozen chapters in and get down to two others: Badass and Hades. Badass I can't remember the name of, despite his prominence in plot growing as the tale goes on. I really should remember but this guy, everything he does is badass. If I told you of all the badass things he's done, it would be all that he's done and you know what? Backstory as well. For a badass no less! Usually badass is enough but they flesh him out and make him more human, which is some major kudos. Hades, he's a fan favorite (Or so I believe), he's awesome as fuck. He presents an opposite to Akira, opposite of ideals and arguably the black to his white. Not much else to say about him but he is a favorite of mine and overall, the manga did a way better job on characters than it should have, once again basing it on the genres it partakes in and all the action and fanservice it has. Overall: Not enough time to talk about a few of the other stuff; from enemies among man, more on the actual plot and to thread that thin line of actually being helpful without spoiling too much, more on the faults of falling into a formula, chapter cliffhangers and at times long dialogue but as predictable as it may be, it throws a mean curveball now and then that I didn't see coming. It's not a series for the ages but the characters have chemistry, the action is fast and plentiful, pointless fanservice aplenty and the best part of all, it's fun.

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