Ch: 34+
2021 - ?
4.36 out of 5 from 149 votes
Rank #2,400

Depressed omega Seoyoo lost his whole family in a car accident, and since that day, he's suffered from deep feelings of despair, shame, loneliness, and guilt. One rainy night, he finally gives up and decides to die by jumping off a bridge and find his family in the afterlife, but his suicide plans suddenly get thwarted when a car crashes there! The unlicensed driver turns out to be a young alpha called Seonghyeon, who blames Seoyoo for distracting him and freaks out at the damage to his older brother's car. Afraid to face his sibling, Seonghyeon makes a deal with Seoyoo - the boy will pay three million won if Seoyoo lies to his brother Seonghoon and says the accident happened because the teenager saved his life. Seonghoon doesn't buy the bullshit story in the least, but he and the mentally unstable omega seem to have a clear chemistry between them... 

Source: MU

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