By the Grace of the Gods

Alt title: Kamitachi ni Hirowareta Otoko

Vol: 7+; Ch: 37+
2017 - ?
4.529 out of 5 from 1,785 votes
Rank #547
By the Grace of the Gods

Slime's up for one recently deceased middle-aged businessman! When the gods reincarnate him in another world as a boy with magical powers, he discovers that magically-tamed slime are an untapped natural resource! Upon his sudden death, middle-aged otaku businessman Ryoma Takebayashi finds himself in a curious situation. Three gods request his cooperation in their divine plot, which requires him to reincarnate in another world as a young boy! Equipped with magic, young Ryoma undertakes a carefree existence in the forest, leisurely learning more about his new abilities and surroundings. And when he encounters slimes like those in video games from his former life, Ryoma uses his newfound magical powers to get creative with his research! Will the gods get more than they bargained for in Ryoma?!

Source: Square Enix

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Small spoilers! ------------------------------ This manga is your typical Isekai manga, a man died and was 'reborn' into a world full of magic. Despite this, the manga distinguishes itself from typical in many different ways. First, the story. Though simple in concept, it continues to be entertaining throughout the chapters. It's basically just a man is reborn as a child and meets people while trying to enjoy life, HOWEVER, from this point on it becomes different than the 'typical' isekai manga. While, theoretically the mc is op, the manga handles it well instead of being your typical uninteresting 'mc can kill everything'. The characters themselves are entirely enjoyable, it's lovely to see a manga handle both the reactions and feelings of characters with care, unlike many out there. The characters are each unique and have their ups and downs. The mc is often treated as a part of their family, which is completely wholesome to me.  The mc himself is a very interesting character, the way the manga handles him feels as if he is real and allows the reader to connect to him more then the average mc. While op, the mc's sole interest is to enjoy the new world, while studying slimes of course. He himself has had a bad past, something that strikes me as strangley unique in mangas, while it is not a rare situation for the mc to be in, it often doesn't affect their interactions or thoughts towards others. Our mc here is influenced by his past both emotionally and mentally. His personality is lovely, a complete change from your typical badass mc (even though they are amazing too), honestly he is a cinammon roll from the very start. The art, story and characters makes this an interesting read, well worth your time if it's the type of manga you like. I would recommend it if you are at all interested in fantasy or soft manga. (By this I mean not fast paced and action packed.) It holds your attention and interest purely based on the characters and their development, with the occasional monster fight of course. In my personal view, the best part of this is mc's infatuation with slimes. All of the slimes are adorable and so unique to what other mangas often portray them as. Along with this, the mc's reactions to the slimes is simply adorable.  The manga is a light-hearted type of manga, perfect for people who are either looking for something more relaxed, just getting into iskeai type mangas or even if it's one of your first manga! With that said, i'll end my review here. Hope you enjoy the manga if you decide to read it!


Modern day, Japan. Takeba-Yashi is a macho, with the body of an Olympic athlete, who works in a company as a system engineer. It is an open secret, there are many work-related suicides in Japan. Work is too stressful and sometimes you do not even have enough time to return home. Takeba-Yashi is tired of the routine. ‘Let it be, life will never change and it will always be the same, so I will just swim with the stream’. However, one day he falls asleep. When he awakens, he sees 3 Gods: the God Creator, the Goddess of Love and the God of Life. The Three tell him that he died in his sleep and they are very surprised that Takeba accepts it and does not even try to question their words. The Gods ask Takeba to live in their world, which needs a portion of the earth’s universe magic in their world to maintain a balance.While the three Gods do mention that Takeba is sent to the new world to maintain the balance, they also note the fact that they like him, his kind heart and the fact that he is a big hard-worker, always doing what he is told to do. He now receives the blessing of the Gods, a new life in a new world, where he is free to do what he wants to do. When the man is reincarnated, he finds himself in the world called Sail Fall, in the country called the Refall Kingdom.Truth be told, I am not a huge fan of isekai and having seen The 8th son? Are you kidding me? in Spring, 2020, I was somewhat skeptical about this manga. However, I am glad that I did give it a try. It is somewhat difficult to explain why it is good, but it has some relaxing vibe about it. It is just enjoyable to read about a completely new world that has some beauty about it and you know nothing about it, which makes it interesting. Takeba-Yashi, the main protagonist of the manga, is not annoying and has some charm about his kindness and he is not just any overpowered isekai protagonist. His power is explained and he works hard to become better at managing his magic power.All in all, this manga is very beautiful and I find it very enjoyable. I find it difficult to comprehend what I am about to say, but this manga is actually a very unique isekai that you might want to read. After all, it will get a TV anime in October, 2020.

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