Vol: 6; Ch: 33
2009 - 2013
3.79 out of 5 from 38 votes
Rank #8,524

Each of the high-school students in the small dance club is there for a different reason. Natsu joined due to her love of hip-hop dance, and Haba Takahiro's presence is all thanks to some relentless bullies. Whatever brought them all to the club, they're now learning about the different styles of social dance from the skillful vice president Kazumi and the hesitant president Hajime. As they learn the joys of dancing, they will also grow closer to each other...

Source: MU

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Butter!!! is one of those kinda slow paced, high school setting, growing up/learn from your mistakes kinda mangas.  You're first introduced to your supposedly main character who is outgoing and looking to join the dance club to do some hip hop dancing.  The club turns out to be a ballroom dancing club.  In the club you have odd range of personalities: outgoing, cool, confident, quiet, pushover, etc... They come together to form a small dance club. 2 senpais and 4 inexperienced dancers.  As the members learn the ropes, they also learn to get to along with each other.They start to discover things about each other and themselves, like their insecurities. Which they learn to overcome with the help of their fellow club members and friends. From following the "main" character, you end up watching all of the members of the club grow, work together, and learn the joy of dancing. As I mentioned in the beginning of this review, this manga is kinda slow paced. It's slow because it really reflects the learning curve of dancing and the awkwardness of getting to know new people with the story's pace. So I recommend you relax and read this slowly because there will be parts where it gets bumpy and awkward. When it gets bumpy and awkward, it just means you should take some time to ponder the meanings behind what the character say and feel, and maybe you'll relate to those awkward feelings/moments. ----- I've only read 19 chapters as of this review, but I still reccommend this if you are looking for something slow and about dance.

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