Buta Koushaku ni Tensei shita kara, Kondo wa Kimi ni Suki to Iitai

Alt title: Because I've Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You

Vol: 4+; Ch: 24+
2018 - ?
3.705 out of 5 from 215 votes
Rank #8,920
Buta Koushaku ni Tensei shita kara, Kondo wa Kimi ni Suki to Iitai

There is a hated person on the popular anime, Girl & Shuya.  The Denning, House of the Duke’s third son, or also known as the Piggy Duke, Slow Denning.  As a person hated throughout the school, he had a lot of reason to be hated, things like he looks down on people, he brags about his pedigree, fat, real orc, and the Piggy has a tragic future waiting for him, he would be banned from his country at the end. And he even has the misfortune on the side that the retainer that he secretly gives his heart to, was stolen away from him.  Wondering why I’m talking about this?  It’s because I reincarnated to that Piggy Duke!  I will definitely make the Piggy Duke who had the number one position on the anime’s popular poll, also the number one in the real world!

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There are a lot of isekai stories. This is by no means the worst, but it's also nowhere near the best. It's okay. It's probably worth reading, especially if you're just addicted to the genre itself. My biggest complaints are the character's name (Slow) and the fact that he literally oinks. An anime-watcher is reincarnated into the body of an anime character, named Slow, who is a self-entitled, fat jerk. But there are some nuances below the surface which made this character the most popular among anime viewers, and knowing these hidden details and also knowing how the anime ends badly for Slow, the reincarnated soul decides to try to improve himself/Slow. Losing weight is one of the primary goals, but he also works to try to fix his horrid reputation by being nice and helping people out. Beyond this daily-life type of stuff, there have also been two larger storylines so far, each introduced by the headmaster calling Slow into his office. The first one involved tracking down a spy in the school (ch. 6-10) and the second one involves a selection competition to choose a personal guard for the princess (ch. 13-current). During both of these, he uses incomplete knowledge based on the anime storyline to try to resolve problems. At the very least, they don't just have him know all the answers because of anime or something. And they play up that the storylines might be diverging as well, so he might not be able to completely predict what's going to happen. [Reviewed at chapter 19]

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