Bungo Stray Dogs (Light Novel)

Vol: 10+
2014 - ?
4.382 out of 5 from 188 votes
Rank #97
Bungo Stray Dogs (Light Novel)

Doppo Kunikida is an idealist and a strait-laced detective at the Armed Detective Agency, an organization that takes on dangerous jobs that even the police won't handle. Everything in his life is progressing as planned until one day he's ordered to watch over the new guy, Osamu Dazai, a suspicious fellow of unknown origin who is obsessed with the thought of suicide. While investigating an unusual case involving a so-called haunted building, they find several of the missing people from another investigation. However, before they can find out how these cases connect, they are attacked by the mafia's Ryunosuke Akutagawa, sworn enemy of the agency! This is the beginning of a hopelessly inseparable relationship between two detectives. A battle of Abilities erupts in the shadows of Yokohama!

Source: Yen Press

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The Bungo Stray Dogs light novels are a group of stories not in the manga. (Although a few have manga adaptions) 🎇Thus far, Yen Press has eight of the ten novels translated to English.🎇 Book One: Osamu Dazai's Entrance Exam (English/Japanese) Animated in Season one. Book Two: Osamu Dazai and the Dark Era (English/Japanese) Animated in season two. Book Three: The Untold Origins of the Detective Agency (English/Japanese) Book Four: Gaiden: Ayatsuji Yukito VS. Kyōgoku Natsuhiko (Japanese, not yet translated) It also has a manga adaption in English, Bungo Stray Dogs: Another Story. Book Five: 55 Minutes (English/Japanese) Book Six: DEAD APPLE (English/Japanese) Animated as a movie, Bungo Stray Dogs: DEAD APPLE. It is also getting a manga adaption. Book Seven: Dazai, Chuya, Age Fifteen (English/Japanese) Animated in season three.  Book Eight: BEAST (English/Japanese) Has manga adaption and a live action Japanese movie. Book Nine: STORM BRINGER (English/Japanese)  Bungo Stray Dogs the Light Novel, is (according to the Wiki Fandom page) also counted as another light novel, but if they publish more than one, that would be another series. It adapts the anime. If the novels catch on that would be about ten books. So far it is only Japanese.  Since A-P does not list these titles separately, this review will have to combine my thoughts on the titles I have read.  Osamu Dazai's Entrance Exam Told from Kunikida Doppo's POV, we learn how Dazai became an employee of the Armed Detective Agency while they solve a murder case. Osamu Dazai and the Dark Era  This review will be updated later. 😄

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