Vol: 14; Ch: 66
1972 - 1983
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Rank #410

The time is several millennia ago; the place is India. Droughts and famine plague the country, and its people are forced into a strict caste system that rewards only the elite cream of the crop. Across the land animals and Brahmin alike rejoice, for the blessed child with a birthright to become a god is about to be born. His name is Siddhartha Gautama, later to be known as the Buddha. However, Siddhartha's life will not be an easy one. He will experience love and loss, learn about the value of life and influence the lives of many, including Tatta and Pariah, Bandaka the bandit and countless others.

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HaruhiNinja Apr 11, 2012
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Story: 'Epic' is a word which has been appropriated by our modern times to mean anything which is beyond great, something which not only exceeds our expectations but shatters them, leaving an impression which remains with us long after the initial experience. In other words: something truly awesome. Tezuka's Buddha is certainly 'epic' in this modern sense but more so in the word's ... read more

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