Bu Sha (Light Novel)

Vol: 14; Ch: 107
2005 - 2008
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Bu Sha (Light Novel)

About a poor teenager Kaiser, and Liola, the best assassin in his world who appears in Kaiser's apartment through a dimensional gate but has vowed to kill no more. Some things happen, and instead of going to the government shelter for lost dimensional travelers, they wind up going to school together....

Source: MU

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errantknight May 29, 2019
Score 8/10

I really enjoyed this series. The plot was intriguing and there was more attention played to character's emotions and inner life than in most light novels. It's genuinely engaging and one really cares about the characters. The only reason that it doesn't get a higher grade is the author's unfortunate tendency to treat al female characters as comic relief or lesser side characters, which is particularly... read more

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