Broken Melody

Alt title: Eunsa

Ch: 89
2018 - 2020
4.238 out of 5 from 159 votes
Rank #2,493
Broken Melody

Minhee used to be a world-famous piano prodigy until one mistake sent her life spiraling. Her confidence shaken, her family broken and her life in ruins, all she can do is hope for a chance to make things better. That's when she meets Eun Hyun, the neighborhood piano teacher whose life has been filled with tragedies of his own.

Source: Lezhin

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first chapter isn't very different from your usual reads but it had a nice pair or contradictory elements that would've made some great syergy and a wide variety of fun moments which got me excited and worked up. but, since the second chapter, signs of 'a bad work' became noticeable and became more apparent after each and every chapter. I don't want to judge a work early since authors are humans too and might not have been able to see the beginning as how it would be genereally perceived(and that people have different tastes) and what I'm searching for are diamonds in the rough which you'll mostly see through bad compositions which transforms over time. this work however, disappointed me after each passing chapter. maybe my initial standards and expectations were too high, but the excitement I had was overcame by sadness and anger for a number of reasons. I've even made an account here just to rate this work because the official site had no comments section (which is bad in many ways) so sorry for the lengthy prologue, I'll start noting the points that are bad in my opnion. The most common flaw in the whole series would be the bad habit the author does which is the frequent neglection of presented items/words/actions/characters/anything. he just adds a bunch of these insignificant thngs which doesn't really impact the story that much(or could've gone for a better option) or doesn't even last long enough to be recognized in the future chapters which most of the time seems to be forgotten until it get mentioned again(example would be the recorder. she treasured it and even got a record of the male lead's—her crush's—playing but didn't really mention it after that or even after it was lost in sea lol. it's gone just like that without much use. was it really helpful for the plot? not really. just used as an item to show how lovestruck she was with her teacher and was used to corner dara enough and go gaga to push her into the sea)  the second flaw would be the obviously forced ostracism of the female mc partnered with the most crappy 'revenge' plots available. I didn't really expect it to be a copy of those third-rate tv dramas but season 2 really showed me how wrong I was. I was fine enduring through the first season but first chapter in season 2 actually made me shut down(just slept lol) and it only got worse until right before the ending of season 3 lol. the third flaw is how sociopathic the antagonists are. can't you write characters that're beyond the stereotypes of villains...? one that're actually capable of thinking and not just for appearance's sake. also how that dara girl just up and hated the female mc until the end without any real sensical reason... lol very typical fourth flaw would be the unstable characteristics of the protagonists. it's as if they have their own person in each scenario, full of inconsistencies. they're conveniently weak and vulnerable when it requires them and they're also conveniently strong willed whenever needed. they don't seem to learn from the past scenario and again just starts their own world in the next ones. fifth flaw would be the crappy 'payback for what you did to me' logics. it's mostly just the characters forgetting them until they decide to do something stupid that fills them with sense of 'got'cha, now we're even' in the most childish ways lol no depth or any significance in anything and not very well thought-of and can barely even be called a 'proper' move... the sixth and most fatal flaw, everything is just sub-par. it just makes me feel like wanting to vomit(seriously, my stomach's turning upside down) what I'm reading. the quality of the story and characters are just that low. it feels as though it's aggravating me and keeps on provoking me everytime which made me loose cool almost all through out. I was almost always betrayed when what I thought was the worst was beaten by the actual progressions in almost every developments that I just gave up trying to think entirely.  they also always just breeze through the main point of the problems they present or encounter and solves it in a half-baked manner. no real meaning behind or any lesson to be learned, just literally moving on through the plot. like the characters doesn't move or think on their own but really just by the power of the author (yeah, I'm petty enough to pick on this) honestly, I can't even wrap my head around these properly since I just finished it out of selfishness and my ego that wouldn't let me drop a work I took even the slightest interest in no matter how bad it actually gets. tho I do feel like I wouldn't be able to live properly if I have dropped it in the middle of being uncertain whether it would've had a good redeeming point at least once which might haunt me for a while so I just setted on reading the whole thing while going through torturous amount of stress at the same time. my stomach is literally churning until now and I'm getting concerned. even my nape started hurting at times lol  there's definitely more things I want to point out but to describe the story in a few more sentences; it's just a third rate tv drama drawn as webtoon. the whole story is so low in standards that you won't even feel good about the 'good scenes'. the character's are too simple and so are the developments. trust me, if you felt off at some point, drop it. it doesn't get any better and only becomes worse in every chapter :/ you literally have nothing to gain even if you put aside all the negative effects. and the ending's just your typical happy one anyways... all the problem's been brought upon by themselves and the 'happy end' you get is that they finally realize that they're the roots of their problem (but without properly realizing it themselves. it's just plain stupid really.) it's really only a repeat of every other works of the same category'genres but executed without a proper balance of the good and the bad parts. it also doesn't offer anything new or something unique to this story. there's really nothing but a clump of standard plots sewn together. I also wanna mention the insufficiency on the extremities of the good and the bad parts. it's what mostly made it bad; a clump of half-assed good and bad scenes without ever really stepping into the extremes of either one of them. which made it so that there was no source to pull a meaningful 'after lesson' from the whole story. it was all pretty much weightless. you can't really make diamonds using half-assed pressure, you need to go beyond the limits with enough control in order to not break the rough.  another would be, that, despite the characters having some 'nice things' to say, you can't really see those lines ever emanating from the story or characters themselves. it's actually really painful that most of these lines are contradictory to parts of the story itself... it's feels as tho it's criticizing itself using satire :/ ------------------ I've really never felt so critical about a work for a long time now aside from domestic na kanojo and 2 others that I've long forgotten... but hey, it doesn't mean that it's trash. it just wasn't good enough. it's below average and that's it. you can enjoy it if you can and that would be great. and I'm not judging here, but, if this is the 'best whatever' you've 'ever read', either it means that you have much more stories to see or you actually need to get a life and learn more—accumulate more life experiences(mostly social understanding and personal character development and the likes). but despite everything I've said, after finishing it, I just felt relief—like I've been freed from the tiredness that locked onto me. tho everything I've said still stands, I just wanna say that it doesn't leave a bad aftertaste at all. 

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