Bride of the Water God

Vol: 24; Ch: 176
2006 - 2014
3.846 out of 5 from 747 votes
Rank #5,506
Bride of the Water God

After enduring years of drought, Soah's village has decided to offer the young maiden up as a sacrifice to appease the Water God in hopes that he'll bless them with rain. Adorned in the finest bridal attire, Soah is brought out to sea and swept away by a vicious typhoon, eventually arriving in the sumptuous dwelling of the gods. Here, she is surprised to find that the feared Water God is not a loathsome monster, but a young boy. And while she quickly finds her place in court life, one night she meets a mysterious handsome man who calls himself Mui who is more than he appears to be...

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Blumoondreams's avatar
Blumoondreams Mar 16, 2011
Score 8/10

a historicly based manga, with a very serriouse over tone and fantastical eliments.  I can recomed this manga if you like any of these areas of manga. Tha art work can be seen to be a little fussy but it suiites the over all feel of the story. read more

MMaru's avatar
MMaru Jan 29, 2013
Score 7/10

The stunningly beautiful art of this series is what first prompted me to buy it.  There is a wonderful story involved as well; however, after nine volumes, I stopped collecting because it never seemed to be going anywhere.  While the character designs were all gorgeous, there were some characters that I kept getting mixed up.  It may be worth sticking with till the end, but I prefer a storyline... read more



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