Bride of Deimos

Alt titles: Akuma no Hanayome, Deimos no Hanayome

Vol: 17; Ch: 102
1975 - 1983
3.498 out of 5 from 54 votes
Rank #29,441
Bride of Deimos

Long ago, a brother and sister lived happily on Mount Olympus until they fell in love. The other gods were so angry about their forbidden love that they exiled them from the mountain, turned the brother into a demon and imprisoned the sister in the deep ocean. As her body rotted under the waves, she asked her demon brother to find a girl that looked like her so that she could possess a new body. In the modern world, the demon finally finds the correct match: a high school girl who looks exactly like his beloved sister. Instead of offering her up for possession, however, the demon falls in love with her. Jealous, his sister sends Death and Onis to take the girl's life!

Source: ComicsOne

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