Breath of Flowers - Custom lists

Alt title: Hana no Breath

Breath of Flowers
  • A Couple of Cuckoos
  • A Condition Called Love
  • Abe-kun's Got Me Now!
  • 19 Days
  • 10th

Teen Romance by AnnaSartin

Romance about teens, for teens. 21st century manga and webtoons starring teenage characters with no extreme age gaps or student-teacher relationships, incest, ecchi, smut, or 18+ content. Some may have content not suitable for...

  • 10 Dance
  • 9-banme no Musashi
  • 5 Centimeters per Second
  • .hack//Legend of the Twilight
  • +Anima

Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library Manga Collection by AnnaSartin

The third-largest public library system in the United States, the Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library boasts a huge manga collection spread out amongst its 40+ branches. Because it can be hard to find all their manga...

  • Bloom Into You: Official Comic Anthology
  • Bloom Into You
  • A Witch's Love at the End of the World
  • A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow
  • Adachi and Shimamura

LGBTQ+ Manga For Secondary by themangalibrarian

Manga for secondary libraries with LGBTQ+ themes.

  • Blue Period.
  • Blue Flag
  • Bloom Into You
  • Ano Yoru no Pool
  • 10th

Queer/LGBT Coming-of-Age Manga by mellowel

Realistic manga that feature LGBT characters and directly deal with issues such as identity, family, coming out, acceptance and community.

  • A Gentle Noble's Vacation Recommendation
  • The Great Queen
  • Across the Milky Way!
  • @Large
  • 12 Days

Official English Releases on INKR Comics by thatotakugirl

A list of English manga, manhua/manhwa and indie comics released on the INKR app and desktop site. Not a definitive list and if you see ones that are missing please let me know! Updated 4/10/21

  • Breath of Flowers
  • Boys Run the Riot
  • Bokura no Hentai
  • Boku ga Watashi ni Naru Tame ni
  • Ai no Shintairiku

Trans Protagonists by Starra

The protagonists in these manga are trans. Gender Bender manga are not included unless the protagonist explicitly identifies as trans in the story.

  • Clock Striker
  • Breath of Flowers
  • Beyond the Clouds
  • A Midnight Opera
  • Alter Ego

Licensed Euromanga by AnnaSartin

These licensed manga-like comics and manhwa-like webtoons were written and drawn by European creators.

  • .hack//Another Birth (Light Novel)
  • .hack//Alcor
  • .hack//AI Buster (Light Novel)
  • .hack//4koma
  • +Anima

Official English Published By Tokyopop by Grizz

This is a complete list of every manga and light novel published in English by Tokyopop, formerly known as Mixx Entertainment and their defunct BL Imprint, Blu. These are either incomplete, ongoing or fully published in...