Bradherley no Basha

Alt title: Bradherley's Coach

Vol: 1; Ch: 8
3.122 out of 5 from 355 votes
Rank #37,171
Bradherley no Basha

Every year, teenaged orphans dream that they might be one of the lucky girls adopted by Lord Nicola A. Bradherley. The honor means a place in the household as well as a spot in the famous Bradherley opera troupe, and many such as Diana, Ruby and others wish nothing more than to be chosen. However, what the girls don't know is that being picked means traveling to a brutal, horrifying fate that is worse than death...

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Bradherley’s Coach is a manga by Hiroaki Samura, author of Blade of the Immortal and Ohikkoshi. And it’s probably one of the most disturbing manga I’ve ever read. Story and characters Every chapter tells a short story around the “central” plot, which is about Lord Nicola Bradherley adopting tons of orphan girls. The adopted girls are said to become part of his family and members of an opera troupe, but the amount of girls who actually get on the stage is far lower than the amount of adoptions – of course this means something doesn’t add up, and the tags (horror, sexual abuse, physical abuse, mature themes, explicit violence, explicit sex) tell the rest of the story. The first two chapters are the most disturbing when talking about the visuals. The things that happen to the girls are quite disgusting, and combined with the explicit artwork it creates an experience you won’t lightly forget. After those first chapters the horror becomes less graphical, but the knowledge of what is probably going to happen to those girls while they’re happily doing whatever they want makes it hard to read in a different way –  it’s a sense of foreboding brought about by the experience of the previous chapters, making you dread the next events. As horror stories I much prefer the later chapters, but another thing that was nice about those chapters was that they didn’t always focus on the girls. The stories of the other involved parties were interesting to see, even if the characters couldn’t always be looked at in depth (it’s a natural consequence of having 8 short stories instead of 1 long story, but it’s nonetheless disappointing). The ending was ok too imo, although it could be said that everything was wrapped up a bit too neatly. Art The artwork was really nice. The character designs were nice to look at, the look of the world was pretty… this guy is just a great artist. Overall I personally have a hard time rating this manga, because the initial shocking scenes are really harsh, but as a horror it’s pretty good afterwards. If you have the stomach to get past the graphical torture scenes and you like horror, it might be worth giving this a shot. Read and reviewed for the Daily Manga Marathon Club - November 2016 edition!

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