Boyish Shoujo x Gyaru

Alt title: Boyish Girl x Gyaru

Ch: 12
2020 - 2021
3.8 out of 5 from 92 votes
Rank #11,710
Boyish Shoujo x Gyaru

A boyish girl and a gyaru are dating.

Source: MU

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I'm sorry. If you know that you're the type of person who enjoys fluffy non-plots and cute girls being moe and adorable, then just ignore my rating. I have literally no idea whether you'll enjoy this particular breed of that stuff, because I have literally no idea what anybody enjoys in some of that stuff. I don't even really know why I like some of that stuff (when I like them). Try it out for yourself, I guess? It's only about four pages per chapter, so it's a quick read. And maybe eventually some other reviewer will come along and be able to expound on its good points. As for me, I just found it boring. Like, just mindnumbingly without point. They like each other, ok. Manatsu acts scowl-y toward other girls, but doe-eyed with Touma. I guess that creates a gap that...exists, and presumably brings pleasure to readers? They like seeing vulnerable sides of each other. They want to monopolize each other (i.e. they get jealous), which is declared to be cute behavior. And I guess I'll just have to take their word for it, 'cause it doesn't come across as cute to me. The art is good. I understand that. I can comprehend the cuteness in the artwork. But that's also nowhere near enough by itself to make a manga interesting to me. And the characters are just entirely forgettable, and the plot is just a series of fluff moments, so I had nothing to latch onto and nothing to care about during this short trek. [Originally reviewed at chapter 11] [Updated upon completion] Addendum: The final chapter adds nothing that changes anything I said in my above review. I have to wonder whether the author actually intended to end the series at this point or if it sorta just worked out that way (since this series is pretty episodic in nature anyway).


The person who did the last review should get tested for covid because they got no taste. This is a super sweet and Moe story of two girlfriends slice of life manga. Slice of life has always been hit or miss for me personally but it never misses when you just need a refill on some of that wholesome good shit. So if you're tired and need some soul cleansing then this is the manga for you! Summery: Short paged chapters follow Touma-chan, a friendly handsome girl that has even girls crushing and confessing to her!, and Manastu-chan, a gal girl (Gyaru) who's peers are scared of her even though she's actually a shy close-hearted girl who only opens up to her girlfriend Touma-chan! Watch they're day to day life as girlfriends as they slowing open up more to each other and get even closer that Manastu-chan thought she could~... Explaination for my rating my contain spoilers! You have been warned! Story 8/10: Would have loved to see morry but as far as I can tell even if not labeled complete the manga was either dropped or is just a one shot with one volume and 12 chapters since oneshots usually don't have that many chapters or none at all. The story itself is just following the girls relationship with each other as they get closer and since the story so short we don't get to explore it more leaving not much to the character development let alone storyline. This is good for a heartwarmer but other than that does not have much grit or destination of their relationship. I mean the manga left us with Touma-chan thinking Manastu-chan would leave her after seeing how drowsy she looked when she caught a cold. This small conflict was solved within the next chapter, meaning to just create one day by day if you get what I'm saying. You'll eventually run out of ideas. Art 10/10: If the story was moe than the art made it 10x more moe!!! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ They're so expressive and the artwork is super cute and whimsical. It makes the gals really sparkle and really creates a heart thumper for when Manastu-chan does something cute and Touma-chan locks eyes with her! So cute! Characters 9/10: Wish we got to explore the background characters more, especially Touma-chans friends. They were really cute too. I wish we could see more of Touma-chans flaws like when when Manatsu-chan accidentally claws Touma-chan with her nails and Manatsu feels self-conscious and contemplated getting rid of her nails immediately even though she likes them. Overall characters were cute and I wanted to see more of Touma and Manastu! Overall 9.5/10: seriously cute and would recommend to those into wholesome relationships. Would have given it a 10/10 but the series was so short that we couldn't get much of story, then again it's a slice of life so you get what payed for lol. That's all :)♡♡

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