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2021 - ?
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A comic about getting yourself a boyfriend... or multiple boyfriends! Four college students begin a polyamorous relationship and navigate the adventure that is their dating life!

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A light-hearted comic about 4 guys in a polyamorous relationship. Often has quite a few anime/pop culture references/gags and other stuff relating to anime fandom culture. Story - As the comic is very slice of life-y, the story is really only present in the start when the four slowly get closer to each other and choose to start the relationship. After that, the series is mostly just single episode arcs (with a few exceptions) that feature comedic situations, often relating to romance and relationships, and show how the characters deal with them. Though the story isn't that interesting, I still recommend reading the comic for the characters. Art - The cutesy art style that the author uses really fits the genre and is very pleasing, clean and easy to read. The colours used are pretty and match the art style very well. The expressive style greatly improves the comedy and helps with showing many different kinds of emotions, whether it is a serious emotional moment a character has, or for example, a very dramatic reaction to seeing a cute cat. Characters - The main four characters are based off of basic high-school stereotypes: The Prep, Goth, Nerd and Jock. Though they usually match their stereotypes well, the comic makes sure to show that their stereotypes aren't their entire personality. All of the characters have some quirks that don't fit their stereotype at all, which makes for some good gap moe. For example: Prep not liking sports and often being loud and dramatic, Goth not actually knowing how to play any musical instrument, Nerd secretly being a huge pervert, and Jock taking interest in feminine stuff, and actually being a very kind, caring person. The characters are the main forte of the series, and also my favourite part of the comic because I enjoy seeing how they interact with each other and come to terms with their differences. Overall - The comic is very entertaining and sometimes very heartwarming. I recommend reading it if you have free time and like BL and slice of life.

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