Bowblade Spirit

Alt title: Gunggwigeomsin

Ch: 147
2020 - 2022
3.81 out of 5 from 766 votes
Rank #11,158
Bowblade Spirit

The bow is a weapon that dominates everything in sight, even for targets hiding at distances too far for the eyes to see. Just imagine a weapon you cannot even see targeting your life. What could possibly be scarier than that? A training regime from hell with a brutal grandfather. A joyful trip to Zhongyuan in search of a wife. The rise of a hero who will overturn the Murim world. Ki Guided Arrow - a fresh take on Ki Guidance that is stronger than both the Ki Guided Sword and Blade! Fire the arrow into tomorrow!

Source: MU

Includes 9 side story chapters.

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Let's set this straight, If your wondering to read or not to read this then don't, you'll be a donkey chasing after a carrot on a stick, I'll tell you why with the least amount of spoilers.  Update Chapter 30 So far and I do not recommend reading. It has tremendous protentional but fails with shitty writing and half-assed art that keeps degrading. It starts awesome with 12 or so chapters of training then we the readers get excited as the mc is leaving the mountain to explore the world and get married but that's when shit hits the fan. Suddenly you are riding a Ferrari pace story, its not that the plot is fast but the development is nowhere to be seen and characters are rushed into the story.The author starts introducing a shit ton of people like every single clan and person in murim including the evil fiction clans so quickly and then kills them the next day as quickly as he can. Keep in mind for over 10 chapters until now I did not see the MC even once or anything related to him, just the author fkin the story by introducing people and killing them in the stupidest way. Also, did I forget to mention Mc fights with Hands, sword and bow. Also nothing amazing for bow skills except 1 skill. So much for a bow mc story right? I'll go sleep now to cool my anger and when I reach chapter 50 ill give another update. Update chapter 50: So far the story is like a donkey with a carrot stick. We readers are the donkey and the carrot is the mc. We are scrolling so fast through side characters that we don't give a fk about just to see a glimpse of the mc then back again to a whole lot of side characters we don't care about. Update Chapter 85: My agony and despair is at their limit, we get 5% mc appearance while 95% side characters that we don't give a fk about. The plot has turned towards revenge but even then the revenge plot is being dragged by having the plot shift towards the trope of letting the villain live to fight them again and again. Then not using your full power just to regret using it after getting injured and have to retreat.If the story had focused on the mc and gave us the readers at least 50% MC screen time then it would have been great but even after the MC is shown evil like nowhere before that even we readers want to take revenge and kill everything in sight, the mc is also the same as us but when he is out to take his revenge its as if none of the evil shit has happened, frustration on top of frustration. The Author is also trying to make the story shift in a way that the evil side has also its light ways by showing respect to the light in fights but it's very stupid. The evil side Had killed Children, innocent civilians and even used human bombs and then the author try to make it as if they have the light as well and should not be killed, what bullshit.  I'll keep updating, probably at chapter 100, its unfortunate but it's too late for me to pull out now. i am the donkey chasing after the results of the carrot.  Update Chapter 97: I have finally decided to drop it, even the long awaited revenge arc was wasted and not satisfying and now were going into a mundane boring story that makes the last 97 chapters a laughing stock. One of the readers also says the manhwa is going in a diffrent direction compared to the novel which had a big massive revenge arc planned. Trully a shame but thankfully i can finally stop going after the carrot. 

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