Bougyaku no Kokekko

Vol: 5; Ch: 56
2017 - 2018
3.083 out of 5 from 126 votes
Rank #32,942
Bougyaku no Kokekko

Meet Yuu Enji, a boy abandoned by his father, and the oldest kid in his foster home who's fed up with adults like his selfish orphanage principal. His dream is to buy the orphanage, so that everyone there can live happily together. With that goal in mind, he decided to get a job, and went to his high school graduation. But from that day forward, the world suddenly changed! Adults have now started to morph into giant chickens and attack children! Can Yuu protect the children and his dream during this crisis!?

Source: MU

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Well idea was kinda fun from start but sadly autor had no clue on how to write this story... This manga is liek who is going to be hero next. Characters fighting just who is going to be bigger savior its same. Which totaly destroys this dark world that autor build right from the start. What totaly destroeyd thisone for me was right from the beggining the part when psycho guy invaded MCs house that part was done terribely. And most of the time all mistakes are done all over again terrible buildup story. And whole mystery behinde this was done realy poorly as well so there is nothing i liked about it. Maybe there was one time when they became desparate and i finally  thought that its gonna get better and more serious but no its like some stupid shonen where MC must save everyone no matter what is going on. Overall art is realy good and yet terrible designe desisions are made here. First of all gore censoreship it just totally pull you out from the moment it would be better if it was masked then censored. Second whole art is tring to go most realistic but why tf children look like they dont have arms and legs only feet and hands it jsut not fitting in. Characters just straight out suck i mean most of them MC asa i said just go and save everyone he can no matter what then he gets his speach on how to be a good person... Then you have villans of the story, psycho guy is totally weird and pointless character and his setup into story is done poorly as well usually when u have this kind of character they are used to mix story more then it already is but not here here he is totally pointless and then you have guy who made this chicken world and that guy is straight up dissapointing its jsut father who lost his child and now he is going on some stupid revange... But there still is at least one guy who i *liked* the blackhair glassess dude who goes and kill everyone who stands in his way wich is quite done well and explaned and set well so good point for that one but all others are totraly forgetable ...

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