Bossy President

Alt titles: CEO Above, Me Below, CEO On Top, Wo De Nan Ren Shi Ge Pian Zhi Kuang

Ch: 420+
2017 - ?
4.456 out of 5 from 1,028 votes
Rank #1,132
Bossy President

An imaginary child ties together a British born Eurasian with a beautiful cartoonist.. She had no right to rebel...

Source: MangaToon

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Ok, I made an account just to say, that I can not STAND that raping, controling, evil, vile sociopathic worm that they have made the main male protagonoist. I LOVE the female lead simply because after being abandoned by her family, raped REPEATEDLY by the asshole who literally has IMPRISIONED her without the hope of escape, she somehow has not attempted to kill herself ONCE. She is a very strong person and living in a guilded cage of lies and ever impending stockholm syndrome, forced to be the overly glorified sex slave of this MAD MAN. She HATES the man. And as far as I am concerned, any thing that could redeem him? It's NOT ENOUGH! The ONLY thing that makes light of this story is the ARTWORK and the overall TONE! If you read this plot in ANY OTHER CONTEXT, you would want that bastard's head on a stick! The childhood friend is ALSO a victim! He was drugged and so was she, then they were forced apart because of the rich and INSANE people around them, who took their identities from them in a VERY literal and metephorical sense.I don't care if she ends up loving that rapist.I don't care if he apologizes, becasue lord knows it's not going to EVER change his GOD AWFUL personality.I don't care to read anymore of this horror show.It makes me sick to my stomach. She hides all her own feelings and thoughts and what ever she has to say, he IMMEDIATLY dismisses it. She's not even a real human being to him. She's a damn doll. Whoever designed this manga, should be ashamed. This isn't even FUCKED UP HENTAI, for the sake of being honest about itself. It's rape culture on a whoooole other level.Screw this manga, and fuck man, if you're gonna try to make RAPE romantic, just make a hentai and be done with it. Don't get all these feely, bullshitty, "make light of a really disgusting topic", plotpoints and sew em together like a disgusting clockwork amalgamation of Shoujo meets "A serial rapist's fantasy".Makes me sick...Time to go watch tentacle hentai like a RESPECTABLE person.At least tentacles don't try trick me into thinking the girls like them.And "mind break" is much less horrible than THIS.This is a slow decent into madness.This SUCKS.Congrats for making me make a damned profile, worth it to turn people off of this CRAP Manga.

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