Bossy Bottoms on Top!

Alt title: Bitch na Anoko no Iutoori

Vol: 3+; Ch: 16+
2016 - ?
4.009 out of 5 from 68 votes
Rank #10,146
Bossy Bottoms on Top!

One night, a spectacularly ordinary college student, Yoshitaka, comes across a limp humanoid figure slumped in the garbage collection area of his apartment complex. Seeing the curled-up figure's exposed, slender legs, Yoshitaka reaches out to help her, both good and bad intentions on his mind... Only to hear a man's voice respond! His dreams of a glorious night are dashed... or so he thought...! Having already invited him into his home, Yoshitaka has no choice but to take in the man, Kaede, who turns out to be a porn star!! "I've got nada, zip, zilch in my wallet now..." At first, Kaede shows remorse for being unable to repay the favor, but quickly does a complete 180, as his hand starts creeping up Yoshitaka's leg and towards his inner thigh... "So... I'll let you fuck me."

Source: Renta!

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