Bonkura Onmyouji no Oniyome - Custom lists

Bonkura Onmyouji no Oniyome
  • 29-Year Old's Glass Slippers
  • 17-sai°C
  • 8♀1♂
  • 7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy!
  • 1/2 (Yukino MIYAWAKI)

Marriage - Manga and Webtoons by AnnaSartin

These manga and webtoons feature characters who are married, engaged to be married, are considering marriage, or work in the marriage industry, such as a wedding planner or professional matchmaker who sets up marriage interviews...

  • Adashi Mono
  • Adandai: Youkai Eshi Rokuhana Nishikie
  • 99: Ninetynine
  • 99 Happy Soul
  • 4-koma Youkai Watch: Geragera Manga Gekijou

Wafu Fantasy (Manga) by CaptainSlow

These Fantasy manga have a distinctly classical Japanese aesthetic, often taking place in Japan or Japan-adjacent settings that are steeped in the country's culture, folklore and traditional costume. More Supernatural than your...