Bongchon Bride

Alt title: Bongchon Gaksi

Ch: 92
2019 - 2022
4.219 out of 5 from 182 votes
Rank #738
Bongchon Bride

He bought me for 50 sacks of rice. Soongap is nearly beaten to death by his master when friendly giant Bongchun buys him and saves his life. Bongchun's blind mother is delighted, believing her son has finally brought home a bride. And the more Bongchun treats Soongap like his darling bride, the more things get heated...

Source: Manta Comics

Includes 3 extra chapters.

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Ignore the other negative review of this. The ml/Bongchon is far from abusive and ALWAYS asked the mc/Soongap's consent for anything he does. He is a loveable puppy and someone who is both childlike yet dependable to the point of being too kind for his own benefit. (SOME SPOILERS) He helps Soongap get over his trauma from his abusive half-brother/(Pilwon? better known as the rat-faced psycho bitch) who wants to force himself on soongap(although i don't think he's raped him yet. Im on chapter 38.(edit now I've caught up and yes he does get more abusive and possessive the btc.) He has harrassed him and has said hurtful things to soongap about his lover who died). The first main plotline of the story is Bongchon helping Soongap get over the biggest trauma of his life- his childhood friend who also became his first lover Mojil dying. The longing and heartache that Soongap feels for Mojil isn't just glossed over as soon as he meets Bongchon which i LOVE and Bongchon even takes him to his ex-lover's grave and gives an offering as well as holding Soongap while he's crying in his sleep over Mojil. Unlike the rat-faced psycho that views Soongap as his possession, Bongchon RESPECTS AND LOVES Soongap. Mojil and Bongchon's faces look quite similar which i like. At first I think Soongap felt comfortable/had a positive first impression of him because of his face and then really fell in love with him when he made Soongap's life a lot easier. Bongchon bought Soongap cuz he wanted to SAVE and took pity on soongap(potentially bcuz bongchon felt a similar sense of isolation having his father murdered, the other villagers making fun of him or being afraid of him and his mother growing old, that he saw himself in soongap's poor, withered appearance) not because Bongchon had any ulterior motive. Soongap was thrown out of his former home and lost the will to live after losing Mojil. Despite the fact that Bongchon bought him as a slave(he was being sold as one) and Soongap refers to him as "master" because of the time period and his circumstances, he NEVER once treated him as a slave and Soongap also said that he was confused about who was the slave between them because Bongchon always waited on him and took care of him like a maid/nurse just because he wanted to. He concealed the fact that he came to be attracted to Soongap for a while until Soongap RECIPROCATED and developed feelings for him too. --- (TANGENT) This made me reflect on other bl manga specifically 'painter of the night'(which is similar to this story in terms of setting and time period) and how the imbalance of power between the mc and ml seems to be a common bl trope(which I'm guessing is a reflection of how some, not all, bl female authors and readers may use this art form to deal with their own internalised misogyny from a place of security(knowing that the mc is a man distances us from him but knowing he is disadvantaged in some shape or form in comparison to the ml most of the time brings us closer to him and helps some relate to him(whether it be financially(e.g, debt trope), or emotionally/rape,sexual abuse or assault by the ml, past partners, family or stranger trope" etc)) and that is part of the reason why most who read this genre are women rather than gay men). I also think the reason why most who read Bara manga are gay men is because the characters in bara align with the physical and sexual preferences of more gay men(e.g, muscular and masculine figures). Whereas the characters in bl manga are catered to the physical and sexual preferences of more women(e.g, tall, handsome, pretty-faced, hairless(Maybe this is bcuz hairless bodies look more aesthetically appealing) ml). As well as the fact the mc is often short, thin, hairless(looks more feminine and youthful as well as being more aesthetically appealing), and more emotional(who can also get pregnant if they are an omega in the omegaverse strand of bl manga) which resembles the stereotypical view of women moreso than men. --- BTW I'm not trying to insinuate that men regardless of sexuality can't relate to any of these experiences especially rape or that all women who are a fan or a part of bl projects have internalised misogyny or the same taste in the bl manga they consume. I am just coming up with my own reasoning based on my own and my friends experiences who also read bl manga. I don't think my theory is full proof but I think there is some truth to it for some people. Anyway, in this story, the rarity is that despite there being a power imbalance, bongchon doesn't even think to abuse it.  IF ANYONE HAS ANYTHING BAD TO SAY ABOUT MY BOYZ SOONGAP OR MOJIL OR BONGCHON I WILL FIGHT THEM WITH MY BAAAARRREEEE HANDS. SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND- A MACHINE GUN YA MF. Also, highly recomend this manga because it is emotional, cute and has some steemy scenes between bongchon and soongap(Chapter 18 to 23 is where they start getting intimate with eachother). Usually i'm more into really handsome seme's but Bongchon has won me over cuz he has his own attractive features and is very kind. The plot is good. The setting seems to be in the Joseon dynasty? / old-timey korea. There is also a lesbian couple featured in the plot but there doesn't seem to be a happy ending for them(so far) and i really hope they have a reunion eventually and more of their story is shown.(Edit-YAY MORE OF THEIR STORY WAS SHOWN.) This relationship is so not toxic which is a breathe of fresh air for this genre specifically(we know many author's just focus on the uke being raped and coerced for most of the story in Yaoi/BL but dress it up and romanticise it EW). Edit- Also I hope his abusive brother get's his eyes and balls sliced off(Many perpetrators of abuse even in real life may have trauma of their own but that is NOT AN EXCUSE to ruin someone else's life and violate them especially if you claim to 'love' them and if you consider them FAMILY). I hope Bongchon and Soongap teach him a lesson together.  TO AUTHOR, ARTIST AND ALL THE PPL WHO WORKED ON THIS: THANK YOU. I was feeling a bit emotionally numb for a few months and this helped me finally release it all. I feel like I'm dealing with my own issues by seeing Soongap overcome Mogil's death. PLS PROTECT MY BOYZ FROM ALL THE PAIN IN THE WORLD. Also I hope you keep doing what you're doing if you see this. This is one of those stories that you get really invested in. I also hope you might consider working on a manga that is in color in the future. This art style captures the characters well and captures the emotions very well but I can't help but long for color to make it even better. I think doing the landscapes and different settings in color would make it even more realistic and special than it already is. (Sending virtual hugs to anyone who bothered to read all of this and found it useful.)

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