Boku x Neko? - Custom lists

Alt title: Boy Meets Cat

Boku x Neko?
  • Amagami wo Kimi ni
  • Ai wo Ataeru Kemono-tachi
  • Ai wo Ataeru Kemono-tachi (Light Novel)
  • Aigan Neko no Yuuwaku
  • Aigan Kitty

Catboy BL by AnnaSartin

Yaoi and shounen-ai featuring cat shifters, cat youkai, cat gods, and guys with cat (or wild cat) ears. For lovers of cat and "nekomimi" BL!

  • Anata no Shimobe
  • Ameagari no Bokura ni Tsuite
  • Amai Kimi ga Suki
  • A Capricious Cat and a Shy Lion
  • 101 no Kuroneko

BL With Cats (or cat themes) In It by AnnaSartin

Yaoi and shounen-ai with cats, cat lovers, cat shapeshifters, or people pretending to be cats.

  • 12 Evil Cats
  • 9-hikime no Neko
  • 9 Lives
  • 5 Seconds Before a Witch Falls in Love
  • 1-nen 3-kumi Nyanpachi Sensei!

Cats, Cats & More Cats! by AnnaSartin

Manga with cats and kittens in it. Also includes wildcats, robo-cats, beings that look like cats, and people who turn into cats.