Boku no Omega yo Samenaide

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
3.893 out of 5 from 169 votes
Rank #7,758
Boku no Omega yo Samenaide

Kindergarten teacher Ao Komatsu is an omega... of sorts. His physical characteristics appear to be 90% beta, with the remaining omega 10% only giving him low-grade fevers instead of full-blown heats. His twin brother Midori, a full-fledged omega, seems perfectly happy with his life and his overprotective mate, but Ao has no desire to be the property of some controlling alpha and is determined to live his life as a beta. But when he meets alpha Reiji Kunisada on the street and brings him home, his previously dormant omega traits begin to awaken, threatening to change his life forever. Now he's stuck living with an alpha he barely knows, who proudly declares himself to be Ao's "kept" man!

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