Boku no Mama-chan (43) Kaihatsu Nikki

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
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Boku no Mama-chan (43) Kaihatsu Nikki

Maeda Mamoru, 43 years old and Shirasu Christopher, 31 are both actors who have been working as detective partners in a crime series for 4 years. The drama they're airing has quite successful ratings especially among their female admirers. And so due to their popularity, some BL fan fictions were even made, vaguely based on their bromance duo on screen. Mamoru, after reading some of the erotic stories in question, starts to become more aware of his colleague's presence, that is to say Christopher, especially when hugged by the latter. How long will Mamoru-chan be able to act as if it's nothing, suppressing all kinds of desires despite his fantasies becoming more and more wild...

Source: MU

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