Boku no High Spec Kareshi-sama

Alt title: My High-Spec Darling

Vol: 1; Ch: 7
2015 - 2016
3.627 out of 5 from 91 votes
Rank #10,223
Boku no High Spec Kareshi-sama

Yokomichi is a salaryman whose love life is a complete disaster. Because he's an omega, his would-be lovers automatically expect him to be submissive in bed, and all have dumped him upon learning that he's an exclusive top. Now Yokomichi has set his sights on a new target: his company's eccentric new president. A wealthy alpha who chases bulls down the street and comes to work via helicopter, President Karasma seems to have a taste for the strange and unusual. Can he be persuaded to take an unconventional omega as his lover?

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